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  1. My suggestion To expand the Hiterland team so more staff & talent can be brought in so more content can be created and better technology used to make the ultimate survival game! The dream survival game you always wanted but could not due to financial restraints, small team and other issues. Not many are interested and I've seen this type of behavior before from fans who are happy with the way things are but why stop there? If Hinterland were given 10 million in funds they would be hiring and creating the ultimate survival game we all want to see and experience! Even the engine wi
  2. I hope this is the correct place to post this as I hope it inspires the dev team and players of what is now possible! I wish the long dark could become like this! This game has unique zombies but developer has said after release they would have PVE mode where it just you and the environment! I hope this gets everyone excited on the future of TLD! Scum trailer wateness and weight Scum survival game dev Q&A
  3. Thank you Nicko I updated your post! I was thinking of a way to improve simulation and be able to tick off everything on their wish list after the finish releasing their episode! I do not want the game to die and like the dev to keep building the world there is so much to add in it and update it. And also just suggesting that perhaps the dev will have more time now when they don't need to be working on new stories. That lioness you have on your pic that could appear in the game through the seasons! Or a bear just relaxing and living in the game! Again TLD is the onl
  4. I know these ideas are complex and will take time but I hope Hinterland will keep expanding the game like a series, improvement like the sims 4 for instant! They keep producing the same thing and players just don't mind spending heaps of money playing the same thing and EA has no passion. But Hinterland does have passion and i don't want hinterland to abandon the game and stop production cause there is just so much that can be done! Have not heard from the developer what is their long term commitment for TLD? Will it close after releasing the episode and that is all we will experience in
  5. The bears are really hard to kill with a gun on stalker. They got to be shot several times before they die and you can't really shoot them out in the open or they will make a run to kill you. And where do you and everyone else store your meat? Which place is the best?
  6. I listed example to show what The Long dark is capable off or else no one would believe me if I posted the idea. If you do not understand my post let me know! i am not saying that TLD needs to be in perspective mode and Yes you and other will love the game I listed if I told what their names are and more about it. One fatal mistake you made and that developer learn from other developers that is how they improve! Or they do wild things or concepts that never has existed just like Euro truck sim and the farm sim and i am surprise you even hate a realistic 110 million funded game! I list example
  7. Thank you everyone! Please don't get angry for this long post! And thanks if you can read it as its only because of the passion for outdoor survival! I agree that that they finish the story and then work on the sequel! But I only raise this cause i know TLD is doing very well! And looking for bigger opportunities for TLD. Its not just the graphics but the complexity of what can be done! There still could be many things added to the snow region and there is a growing wish list that shows how many things can be added. There has been a few games now going survival with out z
  8. But Hoping bigger and better or like the call to the wild map! Bigger opportunities!
  9. Oh no no no I am very sorry for any misunderstanding! I posted the picture to get everyone excited about it and going outdoors if possible or even in the game! So very sorry Mel for any misunderstanding. Perhaps someone of you can do it in real life?
  10. it does not need to be that way! Just look at realistic hardcore sport sim and see how exciting it is! Look at Projects car 1 and now look at 2 the major improvement do you see it as boring? Just driving around and around in circles? Its a crazy hit with these fans! It does not need to be a 100% sim and some areas can be adjusted so its not boring but fun and challenging! Saurian is dino hardcore simulation that aim bring realism to the game and its from a small indie developer too and in very early access. How about the farming sim and see how crazy that has gone? Doing many of the same
  11. I did read that if wintermute goes well then perhaps further development will happen to the game? But the sandbox box is going really well so I don't see why not start a new kickstarter for a brand new survival game after release of all the stories? Or an improvement over TLD like using a new engine? The demand is surely there I know so the next sequel will be a success! Is there any more detail about this? Perhaps even using the unreal or cryengine to overhaul everything cause it was such a success! Perhaps all the wishlist can slowly come true? I know realistic sports sim game have done th