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  1. My suggestion To expand the Hiterland team so more staff & talent can be brought in so more content can be created and better technology used to make the ultimate survival game! The dream survival game you always wanted but could not due to financial restraints, small team and other issues. Not many are interested and I've seen this type of behavior before from fans who are happy with the way things are but why stop there? If Hinterland were given 10 million in funds they would be hiring and creating the ultimate survival game we all want to see and experience! Even the engine will be built on the cryengine cause they would be able to deliver it! The team is not lazy and like all dev team they are doing a very good job but being bigger and with no hindrances is a good thing! So I have looked other successful games and I think their way of making their game will be of a huge benefit to the future of a new series of the Long dark! Example of a Major success developer: Over a 1,000,000 Backers! Example a very popular famous online realistic world that has raise fund up to 110 million and rising. Have several headquarters in europe and America and list up videos on questions about the game submitted by paid backers. And Dev appears on the show every week. There success has been because they look beyond traditional games and did things that other dev will not want to go. They are developing a world where players can do and choose what they want with good deep mechanics. It has never been done in other MMO as mostly it just about having this basic world and you are left to do your own thing. But in this massive game there will be deep mechanics that allow players to do this. They can't have every kind of variety but they will have those that players are wanting like trucking goods from one place to the next! Other zombie games are moving full ahead with complex survival mechanics and their fan base is big too cause they have FPS so it means they can create a more complex world for these players, So why should these games have all the nice pudding and no one is jumping up and down to see Hinterland compete at the same level? Sure at the present rate hinterland might archieve these goals but it might be another 10 year or so before that happens. And zombie hard core suvival game are bringing the survival game that we all love to zombie lovers! So we fan must see and dream bigger as that is how the World around us grew! Not just be happy with small and very long progress or these developer are going to beat you at your dreams and hinterland will lose out in the long run! So this is what I have learnt from this 110 million funded game that has over 1,000,000 backers! To do crowfunding again for another bigger surivival game once TLD has been completed. The 110 million example I listed did not expect to reach such heights in funds but players were going crazy over it cause their dream game was finally being developed! No Publisher just driven by the passion of the staff who want to bring the ultimate survival game to your PC! To draw in hundreds more fans means to give players a few more choice of how they like to play the game! Keeping it realistic as a survival game with several rules of what the game should be and should not be. A Massive Survey to include what players like to do in a survival game! Include things like farming, hunting, FPS with no violent gore, houses things that players want in a survival game but never could see! Management is also highly wanted cause it seems some player love resource gathering! These career function will have deep meaningful mechanics so if all they want is to farm then they will find it fully satisfying not just little mini games! Look at previous surveys and it shows combat is very popular and that is the first success of the 110 million dollar funded game! No zombies or things that changes what this survival game is going to be. The 110 million funded game World is not a battle royal death game its a living breathing world! But they will be battles in a very massive world just not battle royale stlye and its kept realistic. PVE and PVP the most important issue: PVE and PVP is all integrated in one massive world and their solution to spam and all those grievers is that it will be very costly to kill another player! There is permanent death so there is no such thing as ulimited spawn so you have to be very careful with your avatar. It still is in very early access but the ideas are that in this world players can have some kind of scroll bar so if they don't want to encounter any PVP players then it can be scaled down. And since the world is massive they are places that are very dangerous so players not ready won't go there. The world will be controlled mostly by NPC so players cannot dominate and rule the world and cause harm. The AI will be very important as they are police looking out for criminals so in these areas the players are safe! It will be very hard to be criminal in the game so the game is focus on living out your avatar and not abusing it! Players can be criminals but its going to be alot of work to pull it off How this relates to the new game for the TLD? The idea could be done differently so they could be PVE and PVP servers so everyone can play in peace. However since players are given opportunity to branch out they would be players and NPC patrolling the wild Canadian lands! So someone who just want to kill another player will be detected. A bigger team for hinterland means they can employ Tony from Star citizen if he is free or someone similar to his capabilities. To be in charge of the mission system in Hinterland. These new mission system that will be completely different to other MMO will play a very critical important role to controlling crime! The Mission system will be much bigger and will be there to help players who are not into just wanting to survive. Give players who like FPS and other potential careers to be more meaningful with excitement. Like resource gathering! Could even be a small village that you can go too once you have enough of the Wild! Once an NPC or Player detects a crime it would go to this special system board and everyone will be notified about it. A bounty will then be put on this player to be captured dead or alive. So very risky business if you just want to go out and kill someone. With a bigger team and a bigger budget means a larger more massive realistic world of canada can be archived! This means players won't bump into each other so easily cause the land is so massive in scale! And that means players can be left alone to do what they want! Is also means certain areas can be protected like a park! So players can live out their survival dreams to the max and also explore to the max! Outside these protected areas it get more dangerous as it will be areas where crime is alot higher and the risk alot higher. So players can experience that loneliness in the wild that they long for, even hire park guards NPC or players to patrol and protect if they venture out of these protected realistic areas. Not zones like in other massive games that feels unrealistic. This will setup up large orgnizations that the 110 million funded game is currently doing and they will be the ones out there protecting and see things kept in order in a realistic way. This survival World will mean more then just surviving as now players will be in the game to hunt and to capture or protect! And The world of canada will be specially crafted and perhaps hinterland can use their new procedural technology to create realistic massive realistic lands! And most importantly the animals and ecosystem will be deep so its a living breathing world the players are in! So this is how the 110 million funded game did it and they never did expect for the ideas to reach this type of expectancy! They did not even knew it would reach 110 million! I think they goal was just a smaller game with I think a 500,000 budget from the first funds that came in if I am correct. But more fans came in and the goal grew and with support of fans the bigger the ideas got cause these backer were demanding it. And so what I have told you all is just a small portion of what will be in this massive game! its not vapor ware cause the developer are very committed and as said doing interviews and having live open development. They started small with a big dream and did a crowfunding idea and then it got bigger cause of the fund that were pouring in and so the dev and staff could explore and add more to realize their ultimate dream game! Bigger team more talent, better design concept, more detail into their design to create that realistic world players long for! Suceess was also because it was available to different styles of players! But as I said earlier they made it available to a host of different types of players like FPS and trucking and farming and especially exploration and digging for resources cause it was all want the fans wanted in that game but especially exploration! And that is why their game support grew massively! If they just stuck to FPS or just one type of game play it would never have the massive player base and funds! FPS gives alot of support but including other styles just increase the player base! So I hope the dev can see this new type of way of designing games that its a very good logical path to increase their dreams, increase profit and increase in everything to make that ultimate survival game. So at least try and attempt to do it and see what happens! Cause it would be like this 110 million funded game cause it has not been done before! Even battle royal survival games does not have this passion since they just want a zombie game with good survival mechanics and it all about FPS. I know this is not full proof but i do know including other styles of play while keeping the core as a survival realistic game will increase the player base far more then keeping it to just one style of play and nothing more. Will hinterland be the first to test this out and see if it will make the community go crazy?? They went where other developer refuse to travel who saw it as impossible and now they are gaining such huge benefits because of their drastic dream!
  2. I hope this is the correct place to post this as I hope it inspires the dev team and players of what is now possible! I wish the long dark could become like this! This game has unique zombies but developer has said after release they would have PVE mode where it just you and the environment! I hope this gets everyone excited on the future of TLD! Scum trailer wateness and weight Scum survival game dev Q&A
  3. Thank you Nicko I updated your post! I was thinking of a way to improve simulation and be able to tick off everything on their wish list after the finish releasing their episode! I do not want the game to die and like the dev to keep building the world there is so much to add in it and update it. And also just suggesting that perhaps the dev will have more time now when they don't need to be working on new stories. That lioness you have on your pic that could appear in the game through the seasons! Or a bear just relaxing and living in the game! Again TLD is the only game that has archieved this but other games MMO are including hardcore survival in their game! Here is a few feature one MMO is doing! So they are catching on!
  4. I know these ideas are complex and will take time but I hope Hinterland will keep expanding the game like a series, improvement like the sims 4 for instant! They keep producing the same thing and players just don't mind spending heaps of money playing the same thing and EA has no passion. But Hinterland does have passion and i don't want hinterland to abandon the game and stop production cause there is just so much that can be done! Have not heard from the developer what is their long term commitment for TLD? Will it close after releasing the episode and that is all we will experience in sandbox mode? Anyway since story mode is more like teaching you how to play the game is it necessary for the future? After the last episode to be release can time just be spent building up the environment? Reason for this change? You want to move beyond the point where there is more then just eating and watching calories and finding loot here and there and that is all you do in the story and in sandbox mode. Why not combine these things with more variety immersions? Improved realistic graphics for realistic immersion. Players can specialize and use different skills for different situations? More animals to find and more things that can be use from the animal? A living ecosystem where things are alive around you? No more loot lying around you got to realistic get it from where it came from. Players can specialize hunting and gathering different resources. A simulation system to run the world so things get affected. And a good complex AI system to run the animals and other survivors Co Op can finally happen in the game! Its all about giving players the freedom to choose what, how, why they want to survive by expanded the options and varieties. If i want to go hunting then I can hunt for animals that i like and not just rabbits or fox or a bear or a deer. Or if they are the only ones around then it makes it more exciting if they produce, die, and do thing so players can have that exciting movement to discover something about rabbits! You finally find their babies after tracking them! Or perhaps small animals that hibernate and have storage of food? Like bears? You going to steal it from the bear? What will you do? These different things or if animals is not something you like you could do more things in a house, decorate, repair, build from things you find? Just add more interest and variety. From there a story then can be made if need too with all these advance exciting features and the journey will add more interesting things then what we currently experience. It has shown already that the success of TLD was not the story but the sandbox mode. So I hope there can be more concentration on this once story mode ends and more love can be poured into this area. Still they has not been a offline survival game that can compete with the Long dark. Star citizen will be a game that will go beyond this and there is another MMO game that will have deep survival mechanics not seen in any other game! You basically can survive like in the Long dark but in an open world with other players! So if Hinterland don't archieved this then we might never see this happen! But I hope one day they can concentrate on these things when story mode ends. Been a long time waiting for this to occur and i hope it can become a reality. I long to see an ecosystem with seasons and everything grows, dies and produce. There is a small indie developer that is making a survival game where it does have this but not to the complexity of the long dark and its also online too! There is also another indie developer who has been around and not as famous and also catching on! Creating animals that do their own thing with their own behaviours. So if these smaller less popular games can do it I am sure hinterland can make something great after story mode! I was even thinking the hard and easy mode can all be delete cause players can now adjust the complexity of the simulation for the game! They can make it as realistic or as casual as they want and the living world will adjust to these things. No spawn no levels just realism. I know again it will all take time but i hope once story mode ends they will have time to do this! Just look at euro truck 2! They just keep expanding and building their truck realistic sim game! So TLD can do this too but expand on feature for a more complex world and as the years rolls on to have the ultimate simulator! The aim I see is that if players were only to spend their character time in one large region like for instant Call to the wild they will never get bored of the things to do in that once place! Then say ubisoft or other games where they need to keep creating new maps to keep players interest! Its like real life you don't get bored in one area when your camping! So the dev can work on one large region perhaps even online and it all dynamically changes and that one of the things to provide the variation plus other important things added to this. I hope the team and fans are excited about this idea!
  5. No upvotes well I put in mine! Thank you for those ideas!
  6. The bears are really hard to kill with a gun on stalker. They got to be shot several times before they die and you can't really shoot them out in the open or they will make a run to kill you. And where do you and everyone else store your meat? Which place is the best?
  7. I listed example to show what The Long dark is capable off or else no one would believe me if I posted the idea. If you do not understand my post let me know! i am not saying that TLD needs to be in perspective mode and Yes you and other will love the game I listed if I told what their names are and more about it. One fatal mistake you made and that developer learn from other developers that is how they improve! Or they do wild things or concepts that never has existed just like Euro truck sim and the farm sim and i am surprise you even hate a realistic 110 million funded game! I list examples to show success of an idea that will get spat on just like what your doing to me. Also i did not go into much details of why the mechanics and ideas of the game i listed are good for the long dark so if anyone do not understand it and want me to explain more please let me know! Do you any betters ideas to improve TLD I like to hear it? That is why I posted the topic. So please be helpful or add some constructive comment and please give a more detail explanation why you hate the other examples? And why you say you like TLD and that its different experience? Is it because of the survival aspect? And if you like survival realistic with our zombies then you will like the other brief examples I gave. I spend alot of time writing the post and it helps with discussion if you can write a little more and explain. I will do the same for you Thrasador if I posted on you post! Nice and friendly even if I disagree and not make very sexist rude comments. I like this to be a discussion since we are all fans of TLD and fans of the outdoor so I am sorry if I said anything wrong! And I don't mind if you say you don't like certain example but talk about it then just saying, I don't like it as it would help.
  8. Thank you everyone! Please don't get angry for this long post! And thanks if you can read it as its only because of the passion for outdoor survival! I agree that that they finish the story and then work on the sequel! But I only raise this cause i know TLD is doing very well! And looking for bigger opportunities for TLD. Its not just the graphics but the complexity of what can be done! There still could be many things added to the snow region and there is a growing wish list that shows how many things can be added. There has been a few games now going survival with out zombies, some of them perspective mode! So I also know its a success and just hoping they can do an upgrade with everything not just graphics, make it closer to a sim but still in a fun way! Just look at project cars 1 and now 2 and how it has improved its realistic features so it draws ever close to the feel to a real race track! They even have casual mode in it if players do not want to play around with all the complex tuning! Adding things like a simulated ecosystem with animals is already starting with the basics in perspective games, they now see how much more challenge and fun when this happens. So I hope the dev do sport this opportunity and have it later in the sequel! So the world comes alive! Just look at Cities skyline and transport fever with their AI doing their own thing. A dramatic shift from simcity where the Ai were spawned and all moving in the same direction. There are even games now with emotions that you got to consider as a strategy challenge so that could be in the game too! We all love the outdoors and some are pros in it but if only we can pull that in the game just like how Project cars is doing it for their racing fans! They got their dream come true of a simulated racing game! Most of which they cannot experience in real life but now they can! No other racing game has done what they done! The Long Dark as I have gone on before has started the crave of wanting more! Plus seeing other realistic survival games coming out just make the craving even more juicer and I hope you all have catch the dream! Static Ecosystem by another Developer There is already a game where the dev team has created a complex static ecosystem so its as authentic to nature but due to it being their first game its static and not dynamic. There is also another game where there is a basic ecosystem in an online world and you got to survive too and craft and its going well! So again I just hope the dev team will notice what I and so many others have notice with these types of survival games! You can do so much more in call to the wild if it was a survival game! More then just pretty graphics! The dream of seeing what we can do in real life, the places we love to go out too, come to live in a simulated game! I said this before but it does not need to be a 100% close representation of reality but the important features yes. You can be alone or you can Co op and you can experience the outdoor like you would in real life and having it fun and enjoyable and still challenging! There is already Ark survival but its very arcade and does not have that feel you would in real life. Items are made in an arcade kind of way there is technical complexity to it as you would in realistic challenging games! Look at the Farm sims? There is Pure farming 2018 coming out and even Cattle & Crop that is going for realism because these are what the fans are calling for. And cattle & crop is a new farm game too! But with all these games they are trying to replicate real farming and give fans the dream they want too on being a farmer! So these two games are the next step in farming sim from the previous standard titles that have become a bit boring. This is why it need to be some what close to a sim but still fun at the same time just like Project cars 2! Then I do not need to watch those survival series of showing how to survive in the wild! I can take the experience i know in real life and try to apply that in the game! What TLD has already done is very good already! But as said the next time will be like instead of random things popping out you actually you need to find those stuff in the game simulated nature! Just more things you can do with a tree and get from a tree for example! That ice pond? Well there is life underneath there! How about that house? There are many things that can be done in that house! All these features take time but with each sequel it just gets more technical like again with Project cars 1 to 2 got even more complex in its simulation! NPC have lives and emotions One of the changes as i said could be that there are NPC that have lives and go about trying to survival! And what you do in the world will affect them just like what another game have done on these theme! You planning is not just surviving but looking out for your neighbours if you have any near by? Or perhaps you meet another NPC living in a home are you going to raid it? In most games yes you would! But with NPC being affected on what you do, now you got to think twice before you break in! Will the NPC become hostile? What is their personality like? I think if I told you this idea no one would like it but at least I have told that developer are already doing it and it is a success! Survival games stats: I post all this to show how well these ideas are doing! To show everyone and the developer having these ideas in the game will make it a success with out the zombies! As again if I posted this with out evidences it might be forgotten and poster might think i am nuts and do not what I am talking about! There is a survival game that you can co op together with bosses and its graphics is minimal It has 15,423 players in the last 30 days and came out in 2016 Also another early game and it has some sim aspect to it where you manage things and NPC emptions are affected on what you do. Its peak players last 30 days is 3684 and was 6000 in may of 2017 There is also a virus management sim game where the dev has gone into such detail and CDC invited them to talk! Imagine if this can happen too for the sequel of the Long dark! Where the game is used to test pratical theories on outdoor survival? Its peak last 30 days is around 1438 players. There is also another survival game doing well with no zombies and brutal protect everyone in shelter or sacrifice some for longer survival? It came out in 2014 and still its peak last 30 days player 9343! So brutal hard decisions seems very popular! And now the team with 60 I think is going beyond with another hardcore suvival game which has not been release yet! Farming Simulator 17 shows farming is popular and the rest of other lesser farming sim is very poor! Peak last 30 days 10,084 The sims 3 shows incredible popularity with managing your sims, Peak last 30 days 6,992 Planet Coaster where your managing a park while also thinking about the sims emotions! Last 30 Days 6,882 There is a realistic survival managment game that has been funded and will have a basic interactive ecosystem, graphics are realistic, day & night cycle, citizen have simulated skills knowledge and will act a certain way. Got 2,963 backer and received 146,189 USD! The hardcore realistic static ecosystem was also successfully funded had about 6,570 backers and funded 220,709 USD! So it will work! The hunter call to the Wild has peak player of 4137 so if you hunt animals your going to get followers! But imagine the animal with AI that learns! Fishing planet an arcade game but show there is interest in fishing! However it is a farm for money game so not so good! If only it had sim qualities! It peaked at 6,651 in 2015 but as of today its peak is 1,863 Planetbase perspective survival game Its peak in 2015 was 6667 There is a new space survival management game coming out too but don't have the stats of its funding but looks popular. And the game we all know called the Forest and can be played many ways but had zombies its best peak was in 2017 with 18,000 players. Last 30 days 7,873 I hope this is enough to convince the Dev high tech features is a win scenario cause then the game opens up to additional modification with out changing the engine every few years! That is what a famous MMO is doing having all the complexity in the game so they can keep adding more realistic features into the future with out having to do heavy modification on the game code. I also hope all of us who love the outdoor can get hype and what is possible cause of all of these other games!
  9. But Hoping bigger and better or like the call to the wild map! Bigger opportunities!
  10. Oh no no no I am very sorry for any misunderstanding! I posted the picture to get everyone excited about it and going outdoors if possible or even in the game! So very sorry Mel for any misunderstanding. Perhaps someone of you can do it in real life?
  11. it does not need to be that way! Just look at realistic hardcore sport sim and see how exciting it is! Look at Projects car 1 and now look at 2 the major improvement do you see it as boring? Just driving around and around in circles? Its a crazy hit with these fans! It does not need to be a 100% sim and some areas can be adjusted so its not boring but fun and challenging! Saurian is dino hardcore simulation that aim bring realism to the game and its from a small indie developer too and in very early access. How about the farming sim and see how crazy that has gone? Doing many of the same things over and over again! How about the hunter classic where they hunt animals? So I am not itching for it to be true to life so everything is by the sec just that it becomes close and you can do many things with the environment that you can't normally in most casual survival games. Even what you said where its fish, eat, sleep, rinse & repeat is far more exciting then you imagine! Cause you don't need to be restricted to an area where your lost and have nothing! But even that in real life can be very interesting if it was in a game and certain things change to keep it fun! Who ever thought trucking will be fun but it was! And how about TLD? If you went over to a zombie survival game and talk about having a game like TLD they will go away and say it so boring no wants to play it. So perhaps my mistake of saying it be 100% like real life just the features of it like imagine if the environment was simulated? There are games now doing this like cities skyline where things are simulated instead of spawning. A breathing living environment with so much variety and things you can do! All the wish list in the forum can finally happen and more! its already happening in building games where its now about survival and Saurian is a good indie developer making it happen with limitation but almost realistic! This is why I have got TLD cause it gave me the dream that its heading towards that! Its a step closer to adding more realism and balance to make it fun! You can go hunting like in this game but with better realism! Seen Ghost sniper 3 a bit like that where they focus on realism! You got to learn how to aim or could it be a little easier. So it matters where the bullet hits! And then when you go up to the animal and it still alive like that rabbit in the TLD? And you look at its eye, how its in pain? Can you make that shot? And how about not killing it? But capturing it? And how about it having a life of its own? Many things you can do in the game! It does not need to be isolated, well it could but you got more resources like you would in real life to explore! Have not hiked before or camp? And going on a long exploration through the wild of Canada? Many opportunities this type of game can give you! Could be in a forest in a cabin with lots of resources around you to live! So it does not need to be ALONE like what you said. But of course that is open too for players to do if they want more of a challenge! You see the variety the amount of challenges given to players? Players could start out with a few resources and head of from there to explore! TLD can be an open world just like Ghost Recon where there is much to explore and do but keeping it realistic and fun and challenging as its not an arcade game. We already know how fun it is in building games when AI do their own thing and you get to seem them moving up and about. So there is so much fun to explore so many things can be done! So it starts with passion and seeing more potential for TLD as its steady improves in feature! This game below looks visually nice but feature limited and its not about survival anyway! But expand that and wow you or anyone interested in Open world will want to play it! And this game below is rather large map but even a map as big and complex still will be very challenging. Fishing? Perhaps even this can be in the game like fishing planet and euro fishing but done better and more realistic so if you don't want to hunt animals you can have the pleasure to fish for joy and it will be far better too! Cause the focus on realism and fun and in a big map or open world! It wouldn't have to be about trying to survival just a casual mode so they are lots of things that can happen if TLD does become a success after wintermute! So think big and think possibilities! Cause after TLD then what? If no dream for more improvements then TLD will be the last! But as i said they are developer doing it just in different styles.
  12. I did read that if wintermute goes well then perhaps further development will happen to the game? But the sandbox box is going really well so I don't see why not start a new kickstarter for a brand new survival game after release of all the stories? Or an improvement over TLD like using a new engine? The demand is surely there I know so the next sequel will be a success! Is there any more detail about this? Perhaps even using the unreal or cryengine to overhaul everything cause it was such a success! Perhaps all the wishlist can slowly come true? I know realistic sports sim game have done this? After they release their first game and then a year or so then they go back to crowdfunding to improve upon the first and add things that could not be in the first game! So the game gets every more complex as the new sequel arrives. Perhaps this can work for the sequel of TLD? Still too early? Just have a look at this and perhaps it could be the next sequel to make it even more complex and detail and real life but fun! This pic is from a real game of hunting animals!