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  1. Also Broken Railroad's map is out of sight too.
  2. There is a problem on Great Island map. I already sent this to support but I need to send this here too. I attached 2 picture. First one is Map with issue. If you look up to the bottom right, Some of the regions names are not placed on right locations. (Crumbling Highway names is on Coastal Highway map and Crumbling Highway & Desolation Point Maps' are out of sight. Normally map needs to be like second picture. I know it's old but has to be renew. Maybe It can't be a problem for current players but if you are a new player, this problem make a huge confusion. This needs to be fixe
  3. You guys can add a option to game to remove your backpack and put somewhere you want. When you reach your safe house or someplace like that, your backpack can be heavy and don't want to drop your gear to ground. I know it's sound like little bit useless but this will make the game more functional. Put this idea to someplace. it can be really useful.
  4. I literally reach the ammunition workbench in Bleak Inlet and I didn't know I was going to die to electrical leak in 1 second. My 50 days of efforts just wasted in ONE GODDAMN SECOND!!!! You guys have to fix this bulls**t or balance the damage for players to not kill them in a second. I know leaks were giving damage in game but I just step on cable and died. That's what I'm angry for. I really appreciate you for your work but you guys have to show some more effort to these simple request. I hope someone will read this and take care of this problem.