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    I just think a shotgun would be a great add to the game. I feel a shotgun also is probably one of the more common homestead defense weapon and wouldn’t be surprised to find one on great bear island. for balancing I think it would be cool to make it shoot bird shot so its less effective against say a bear but you could maybe shoot down the crows and harvest them. or have it if you shoot a rabbit you get less meat.
  2. Heads up redownloading the game probably won't solve our problem. I have tried this.
  3. Basically I was crafting or something similar in the other room come back to the fire and the barrel was transparent. It didn't effect anything other than the fact that I could see through the barrel. After i recorded the first clip that i did not attach the barrel went back to normal. Just thought I would reveal this glitch to you guys. This was on Xbox in survival stalker at coastal highway in the garage. The Long Dark.mp4
  4. I believe that the long dark would be a great game to have multiplayer. Problems that come with multiplayer are how would waiting work or entering buildings or Researching. My ideas for solutions is make like if someone wants to wait for something the other player can accept to wait with them or also do something that passes time. Also when you are breaking down something or harvesting a carcass the other player can chose to come and help to speed up the process. Or if they chose to not Help out time passes as normal and to speed up the time the other player must do something else to pass