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  1. You know, The Long Dark thought of almost every medical condition one could expect in a winter wasteland... Frostbite, hypothermia, even cabin fever... But they forgot one. Trench Foot. When your character has been wearing the same boots and socks for days or weeks at a time...
  2. I'd like to know the thoughts on adding a few items to the game: Thermos: keeps drinks and soup hot for 18 hours. Gel Fuel Jar: doesn't put off much ambient heat, but provides a single, portable cooking spot that's easy to light. Mess Kit: a metal kit containing a can opener, 0.5L multipurpose cooking pot and cup, serving tray, and utensils. Tent/Tarp: provides a portable place to get out of the weather, but not very durable. Has a chance of being destroyed in high winds. I was also wondering, I see some buildings have propane tanks hooked to the exterior. Is there plans to let us open a valve and use them to heat the building's interior or something?