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  1. Hi Hinterland Team, Hi Raph. About customing rifle ammo Like in the movie "L'ours" from Jean-Jacques Annaud (The Bear) : Tcheky Karyo cuts a cross on the nose of his bullets with his knife, in order to have powerfull rounds which will fragment when hitting the bear. it could be a good crafting option to add. Isn't it? Have you ever thinked about adding it ? Quote Options
  2. Hi Raph, just a little Bug report; on Xbox One, if I screenshot my game, it suddenly shut down ambiant sounds; i can still hear the noise of my character if he moves, but all the others are muted since the screenshot (wind, aurora sound etc...) not an inconvenient bug, but it seems to be recent (since steadfast ranger). thanks, see ya....🐺
  3. Hi Raph, this game is a real masterpiece, tons of work and improvments have been done, since its alpha release; I never played during so many years on a video game, but with all these adds (and the main theme of survival in north america's wilderness), TLD is still on my top list ! and will be for a long time.... big up HL, keep on the good work ! ❤️ Recently, on a previous mailbag, you talked about a map generator. What a good idea, every player has its own preferate maps, and worst one, according to its gameplay/feelings. my question(s) is/are : how would you include it? great bear Island has several weel built/placed maps, I'm so glad to wait for a map generator, but how is it possible to add a random map generator on this awesome world? Are you planning to release it on a parallel sandbox mode? (the best solution I think, but Im not in your plans...) ; ) are you thinking to add it as an extra DLC? You didn't spoke about it in the 2or 3 last mailbag, is it still on project? will it be soon ? (Next sandbox update? After the 2 next ? (So after chapter 3 of Sandbox?) I can't wait ! This would be an awesome add thanks for all that your team have done to improve this game, results are there, months after months, it's perfect. Best regards Alex