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  1. Same issue here, a couple months later. Any updates?
  2. I think you've missed the point of my grievance.I love completing challenges as they are meant to be. I appreciate the patience, skill, strategy, and dedication it takes to achieve all of the goals set forth in survival games, and I would absolutely love to complete this badge as it is meant to be done.However, this badge, if completed the way that Hinterland apparently intends (in Winter's Embrace setting only), would take such a large time commitment to achieve properly, that most people can't afford the time to do it. As I said, I spent about 50 hours just to complete this badge in a legiti
  3. So, I just consumed my 26th bottle of maple syrup, and the badge hasn't dropped. To clarify, do ANY saves in the game count towards this badge, or do they only count if they are in the Winter's Embrace version? I have spent a good 50 hours or so trying to get these things legitimately, but I did most of them on Pilgrim survivor, because it's just taking so long to find them. I want to point out that in the phrasing of the badge/announcement, it's specifically phrased, "across multiple saves while WINTER’S EMBRACE is active." This doesn't directly say that the save needs to be in a Winter's Emb
  4. I found 2 maple syrups on my Interloper run right after this event launched (my run started before). On my current Winter's Embrace run, I've explored almost the entire map, and I have only JUST now found my fourth syrup. I've had some suspicions for a while that I think may be confirmed. My first 2 syrups on my WE run were in Broken Railroad, but my third was found way on the opposite side of the map at the Farmhouse at Pleasant Valley Homestead. The one I just found was in Milton at the Paradise Farms house. Both of these last two found syrups were sitting on a shelf or counter. The one a
  5. Glad to have developers who are so on top of things when it comes to this awesome game =]