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  1. The dev, Rafael, has stated multiple times in the past that he doesn’t want the game to turn into a shooter. That’s partly why the iron sights are a mile wide now. Aside from making the iron sights smaller again, I don’t think we need any modifications to the rifle and it’s highly unlikely we’ll get any.
  2. Hi so I play on ps4 and I’ve never really had an issue with frame rates or anything but after this most recent update anytime I enter the Dam my frames just absolutely tank and it’s almost like I’m playing in freeze frames outside the dam I haven’t noticed a performance change at least in Mystery Lake, I haven’t been to other zones yet simply because the frame rate makes me nauseous almost and it makes it difficult for me to play. Sure I could just avoid the Damn but TLD is one of my favorite games of all time, and not being able to go to a certain spot, just knowing that in the back of my head, ruins the immersion for me. If anyone else has had this issue please let me know. It seems extremely unusual because TLD normally runs extremely smoothly and consistently. I’ve been playing over a year and I’ve never once had problems with frames but this new update kinda rekt me and my game lol