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  1. This year I have very special feelings about the snow In Saint-Petersburg (not that in Florida state) we have very unstable weather in this decade. For example, last dec 31 there were no snow at all. Sometimes it snows in October thought. My boy was very excited then I drove him at country, where snow lasts (it melts in the city). "The snow!", he shouted, and ran, and ate it. Just in time. This year it snows just in time.
  2. The ultimate reason to pursue rabbits with a stone in my hand. I'm very frustrated to.
  3. Hi, all. Thought I cannot say I know TLD well (especially it's geography), it makes no sense for me to play survival at another difficulty level than interloper. I love it very much, I would love to visit north Canada someday, just because everything in game is filled with love to that country. I sure thought, I wouldn't come without good coat and wool toque ))
  4. Hi Devs, thank you very much for fur hat (we call it 'ushanka' i. e. hat that covers ears) in future 12/18 release. I also want to beg you about couple of another clothes can be made almost by bare hands. - The felt boots. The ultimate warm boots, used in Russia for centuries. It's not very comfortable, easily gets wet as well, but there no better boots for low temperatures like -40 (celsium). Also, you barely can run wearing it. It can be crafted from piled up fur. - the belt socks. It's better than nothing, almost not warm at all, but can be made of couple of strips of cloth. It's actually a couple of strips ))
  5. Playing interloper I long for every sweater available.