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  1. Why on the way from the Mysterious lake to the Bleak InIet we go down into the Ravine, then down to the cave that leads to the Forlorn Muskeg, after passing through it we find ourselves in a Forlorn Muskeg? Clearly, it is obvious that the Bleak InIet and the Forlorn Muskeg have different levels of height, and it is logical that there should be a transitional location with climbing ropes between them...
  2. Hi Raph! Did you know that in 5 days exactly TWO YEARS?
  3. Hey, Raph! What kind of survival game do you think is the main competitor of The Long Dark? It seems to me that this simply does not exist...
  4. Hi, Raph! You this question no one asked. =) How do you, as a developer, treat people who blatantly do not buy The Long Dark, and use pirated versions? If that I play on the license in Steam from the beginning =)
  5. Hi Raph! Happy Birthday, Milton Mailbag! What are your impressions of E3?
  6. Hi, Raph! Really looking forward to the new region I Can say for what type of players it will be: beginners, players of an average level or, again, for experienced stalkers?
  7. Hi Raph! How do you like the ice hockey world championship? Personally, I was angry because of the Finland))) well, congratulations to them. But Russia and Canada are still stronger)))
  8. Hi Raph! Did you see how your ice hockey team at the last second pulled for himself a victory in the quarterfinals? That was touching! Waiting for final! 😃
  9. Hi Raph! 1) You can have a little hint Hinterland is now developing another game, except The Long Dark? 2) Is there any connection between the air service "Jackrabbit Island" at the beginning of Wintermute and the island of the same name on the coastal highway? Or is it a mistake of Russian localization? 3) Do you follow the ice hockey world championship? You support Canada? This is one of the strongest teams in the world. Since I am from Russia, I hope that our teams will not meet before the final.
  10. Hi Raph! Thanks for the update, survival mode! Now to questions... 1) How do you feel about cloud gaming? And did you know that The Long Dark is available to play on major cloud services like "Geforce NOW" and "Playkey?" 2) I would Like to know if the Studio will leave this year for summer vacation or you will continue to work on the game all summer?
  11. Hey, Raph! Where and where does the railway go on the Island? Can you share some sample information? Will we ever see the entire route of the railway from the beginning to the end in the game?
  12. You said about more frequent updates in 2019? Approximately how many of them are expected to be released in 2019? And it is already 4th month, and has not been, I am very nervous... PS: I'm waiting The Hunted: Part 3, if it doesn't come this year, I'll get this hairy monster straight to you, Raph =)))
  13. In the game there are mines with numbers 3 and 5, the question is where mines №1, 2 and 4? Will they be in new regions?
  14. Hi Rafael! I studied the developer diary and had a few questions. 1) I'm a big fan of WINTERMUTE and I was personally upset that the playing time of episode 3 will be drastically reduced, besides 3 action centers will turn into 1, and even it will be a gratifying valley, which I know as 5 fingers =( You said that the action of episode 3 will take place in a completely new region, and now it turns out that it is not so =( Question to you, what will happen with this new region, will you add it to the survival mode? Or he does not exist and was only in your plans? 2) Why in July you so suddenly called the release date of episode 3, and then 3 months after the "release date" is published in the Developer Diary, which States that episode 3 is still unknown how many will be in development... What happened? If you named a date, it turns out that you were so sure of the release date, so the episode was already almost ready? 3) And the last question, as we are working on episodes 4 and 5, they are already in any stage of readiness? Or did you not start working on them at all? Thank you for your attention!
  15. Why can't I ask a question for mailbag 25? Topic to put questions for some reason, everything in the archive...