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  1. Thanks for advice! I show all topic Mailbag related with c crafting clothing, but not find answer on question about that in survival mode, not have on start knowledge about as crafting clothings and medical tea, but finding their manufacturing recipes during survial. Think this will complicate game and will force gamers more explore, and collide with dangers. Same when gamers for example find recipe on crafting bear sleeping bag. hi say WOW! Now i may make sleeping bag, COOL! Atmospheric!
  2. Hello Dear developers! I would like to make a couple of suggestions regarding the gameplay, which I think will greatly diversify the game process, and bring even more atmosphere to it. First, add a recipe system to the game (survival mode). As it is not logical that the survivor already initially knows how to sew coats, hats, gloves, pants, and cook some medicinal tea. I think it would be very atmospheric if the survivor found the recipes of certain items in abandoned houses and other objects on the map, studied them and after that he had the opportunity to make this item. This will complicate the game, diversify and make it more atmospheric. Secondly, make a separate slot for a backpack. Add to the game various types of backpacks that the survivor will be able to find in the process of survival, with different characteristics according to the amount of portable cargo, a bag made of elk leather will be put on in the same slot. At the start, the character will have a minimum backpack with a maximum tolerated weight of 10 kg, with survival there will also be 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 kg large in terms of the carried load. It also diversifies and complicates the game. Thanks for attention. Sorry I dont speak English. I am used Google translate :)
  3. Hello community! Actually here are my couple of questions. Have you considered the possibility of adding to the game, a competitive component? For example, to maintain a public leaderboard for survival, but make a limit, play only on the interloper, without regenerating health, without modifications, or something like that. I think that it would be interesting for players to compete with each other. Also, would you not like to tie a calendar to survival mode? So that the player can see at any moment what day, month, year is. I think it would be interesting to know that Christmas is coming, or that your birthday is on this day.