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  1. Yes they do, I was hoping I wasn't just imagining things but I'm down 6 arrows now. I learn slowly.
  2. Who needs meat when you've got rocks! Thank you for the shout out and I can't wait to watch your videos. Keep surviving bud.
  3. Wow this is a really intense run! Don't panic just because you're on Team Gutworm. They give out super powers like being able to sleep anytime you want. You can recover really quickly if you have a bit of food and I also vote for ravine and add dam area in ML and maybe Winding River to close mushroom areas. Keep surviving.
  4. The longest I've stayed in Desolation is 22 days and I had to go because the food was gone. Working on the coat slowly while you fish at the fishing village in Coastal might be good for you as a guard against cabin fever, just don't feed the bear.
  5. I was going to play it as a fire but another survivor is much more comforting.
  6. A potential loss of vital supplies? Sounds like fun, challenge accepted.
  7. The 80s were great for Zed Zed Top.
  8. I can't wait to make my first hat. My Christmas arrives on that day.
  9. I like watching Shard and to totally brag I was his first sub on Twitch.
  10. I live about 30 minutes from Letterkenny bud.
  11. I had a bear go into the hut on me, it was great for quartering but on the challenge you won't get to harvest him there.
  12. If you keep some regular bottled antibiotics they can be used on the poisoning over the parasites then you can have the tea. Keep surviving!