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  1. First of all, thanks Hinterland for updating Survival. Love your game, you're awesome! I want to echo another poster about lost arrows (with deer, didn't try wolves yet). When I miss or the arrow breaks, I seem to recover it (3/3), but when it hits (lvl 5 - critical hit, instant death) in previous builds (1.47) the arrow would be lodged in the carcass and I would always be able to recover (recovered ~29/30), now I generally fail to recover (recovered ~1/6). Even when the arrow was under in 1.47, I would either recover the arrow by carefully inspecting the carcass crouched or recover when the carcass despawns. Neither works anymore. Even if the carcass falls on the other side (falls left) with the arrow supposedly lodged on the right side of the neck, well 5/6 times the arrow is gone now. Couldn't find it anywhere. So I'll stop hunting until next update. Loosing arrows is way too precious. At day 210. Regards Pat Edit: I've attached images that may give a hint. In trying to repro for the bug report, I ended up with a floating arrow. Player.log
  2. By not waking up (randomly) when fatigue is high. Great job on version 2^8!
  3. I haven't read anyone from the Hinterland team discourage us from asking politely, it may not be in the plans, but I'm sure it doesn't hurt to ask. Great job on version 2^8!
  4. If you make a separate windows account, you'll have a separate profile.
  5. I'd second that as it covers my own wish list item: New Difficulty Level (Stalker but with Voyageur Fauna): viewtopic.php?f=59&t=6749
  6. New Difficulty Level (Stalker but with Voyageur Fauna) Hi, awesome game. I've clocked in 70+ of play and 200+ days of survival in Voyageur. But I find myself finding too much loot and weather is not punishing enough. So I now play Stalker, loot and weather is perfect, absolutely perfect, BUT I find myslef playing in 'TES4 Oblivion Sneaky Style' to skip all those wolfpacks of threes. Which wasn't my intent in choosing Stalker. That said, dont change Stalker and Voyageur, they are great, but if I could get access to say a 'Hardcore Voyageur' through some config files that'd be great. Thanks a bunch!