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  1. are you changeing it up so its more exiting than just some fetch quest also wats the pov going to be for EP4 ,5 will it be 4 is Astrid and 5 can't spell his name or will it be some one else
  2. if you lot good get it out by the 10 i would be happy as hell it would be the best birthday gift
  3. also could you add a pencils so you can show more of the map until it snaps
  4. also the snare should have a bigger hitbox I think
  5. also maby implment multyplayer i think it would be interesting so if one gets attacked by a wolf the other can interact and hit it
  6. also i think there should be more rifle ammo because i found 3 rifles and like 15 bullets
  7. also if they did i was thinking maby the trapper has like wooden traps like spikes you can drive an animal into and bait and the hunter has a rifle or bow and bait then the forager has a hachet a knife and a prybar
  8. i have a servival going at the moment in the mountin town i just grab the meat i can run it back to grey mothers house and dump it in the fridge i keep everthing else food related in the main room then go back annd just do trips so get a base or more than one and stock up also any tips for getting the 500 day challenge
  9. right ive got a good one i went on interloper today for the first time instantly got attaked by wolf tried 3 times samething happend i just want the achivement?
  10. could you add character types like hunter,trapper or forager just an idea
  11. will you be able to drive cars because the fact that you can open the fuel hatch and the hood makes me think that it might be a thing later ?