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  1. Dear Hinterland I am looking for an opportunity to get the notes from the tracks from the original sound tracks. (all tracks) It would be very delightful if you relase notes from all tracks to play on an instrument : )
  2. Dear HinterlandTeam is there a high chance that Episode 3 is coming this year?
  3. Will there be a custom inventory "item adder" for custom sandbox? Because my friends and I enjoy to play our own challenges, but if you play only Hush River Valley, you may cannot find some special items, which you need to survive in just this region; so I would be thankful when you can add your own inventory items at the beginning : )
  4. In which quarter of 2019 or later is Episode 3 planned to be released?
  5. Is WIntermute an open story or will it have a proper ending?
  6. @Raphael van Lierop Can you explain me the bunker (Preppers Cache) behavior? How often and when do they spawn?
  7. Hello survivors! I have spent over 100 houres playing this game, but I never found a bunker. I know that I have to look on the special spawn areas, but when do they spawn at day 1, day 10, day 100, how many bunkers spawn in a region, and how often?
  8. I killed 7 bears, but I found only 2, I dont know, but I think they are running away from me, if they are hit XD One had 31, the other 37kg
  9. Are you going to make a merch set, like the original clothes from the game. Like a jacket with the rabbit on it. Or the Canadian wool hat. I would enjoy and buy something like that.
  10. I was not looking for a tutorial. I also work with the Unity Engine, and create small games for my friends and me. But some days I was thinking how the mechanics, code etc. are looking in huge games like TLD. I hope you know what I mean, I was just interested how "big game devs" manage their game in comparison to small "hobby" devs, like me : )
  11. @Raphael van Lierop will you add more guns in future (like crossbow, shotgun (for birds or rabbits), bear trap, revolver (for small defense) ?
  12. Can you make a video how it looks to create a game like TLD in Unity, and how a game like this is built?