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  1. Dear HinterlandTeam is there a high chance that Episode 3 is coming this year?
  2. Will there be a custom inventory "item adder" for custom sandbox? Because my friends and I enjoy to play our own challenges, but if you play only Hush River Valley, you may cannot find some special items, which you need to survive in just this region; so I would be thankful when you can add your own inventory items at the beginning : )
  3. In which quarter of 2019 or later is Episode 3 planned to be released?
  4. Is WIntermute an open story or will it have a proper ending?
  5. @Raphael van Lierop Can you explain me the bunker (Preppers Cache) behavior? How often and when do they spawn?
  6. Hello survivors! I have spent over 100 houres playing this game, but I never found a bunker. I know that I have to look on the special spawn areas, but when do they spawn at day 1, day 10, day 100, how many bunkers spawn in a region, and how often?
  7. I killed 7 bears, but I found only 2, I dont know, but I think they are running away from me, if they are hit XD One had 31, the other 37kg
  8. Are you going to make a merch set, like the original clothes from the game. Like a jacket with the rabbit on it. Or the Canadian wool hat. I would enjoy and buy something like that.
  9. I was not looking for a tutorial. I also work with the Unity Engine, and create small games for my friends and me. But some days I was thinking how the mechanics, code etc. are looking in huge games like TLD. I hope you know what I mean, I was just interested how "big game devs" manage their game in comparison to small "hobby" devs, like me : )
  10. @Raphael van Lierop will you add more guns in future (like crossbow, shotgun (for birds or rabbits), bear trap, revolver (for small defense) ?
  11. Can you make a video how it looks to create a game like TLD in Unity, and how a game like this is built?
  12. @Support There is also an animation bug with the reloading rifle animaton.