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  1. Despite loving almost everything about this game, my favorite part is pretty simple Atmosphere
  2. BigErn

    Dear Santa,

    I really like a lot of these ideas, particularly the camera mod and the unique timberwolf hide. The firecracker idea seems really good, although it might be better just to make marine flares craftable instead of an entire new item I also want skis, they seem the most realistic was of moving around the world a bit faster, perhaps with the downside of it using more calories and stamina, and not being able to move effectively uphill. Although this seems like it may be very difficult to create in TLD new animals would be really cool, unfortunately i'm not sure if walruses and vultures would realistically have a big enough niche in great bear, perhaps owls or foxes? And of course, we all know that sprains won't be going away
  3. I also had items deployed in the town hall, and when a new survivor came in, I thought they were deleted, but in actuality they are just moved to right in front of the door.
  4. So, I’ve made it into the lower damn, and I can’t get past the wires or go down the rope, it says I’m to encumbered even when I use a emergency stim. does anyone know if a way to fix this or another way to get to the exit
  5. Does this mean that the conversational cinematics will be going away?
  6. do you happen to know which requirement is not meeting the minimum
  7. When I go into grey mother's house, the cut scene starts, but only with audio, no images or anything appear on screen, when the monologue is over, noting happens, and if I press any buttons then it immediately crashes. I tried all of the default advice on the front page of the forum, but nothing has worked out, if anyone knows of a solution, help would be greatly appreciated. crash.dmp error.log output_log.txt