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  1. Possible spoilers, don’t read further if you haven’t completed season 3 yet! i need help with the task in the mines where you replace the fuses to get the elevator working. I swear I’m stuck at 2/3 of the fuses replaced. I cannot figure out how to get all 3! Does anyone have any tips for this part, I’m super confused. Thanks!
  2. OMGGGG I just found the bear for the first time since the initial fight outside of Jeremiah's house.. I shot him once and he ran towards me and I shot him again, both times blood gushed out and it ONLY COUNTED AS ONE SHOT in the mission menu.... i'm frustrated lol! Anyone have any advice to help me through the rest of this mission? No spoilers, just advice!
  3. Yes, mine was still on the loop also. However, if you redo the cave once more after the cut scene if you press resume it should move on to episode 2.
  4. Its in the house in the bedroom under a rug! Hard to find, took me a while!
  5. It's fixed for me! I'm starting episode 2 right now
  6. I am annoyed, it's so unfair that we just have to sit here and wait until they fix it. I want to play lol, seeing everyone in episode 2 is making me want to just buy the PC version but obviously that's a dumb idea.
  7. Right there with ya I also won't play until it's fixed. I want to play the game as it is supposed to be played, in a story progression. Not begin new in episode 2. That's not how it is supposed to be played
  8. Same thing happened to me with episode one. They said they're working on fixing it but it's taking forever.
  9. Are we talking hours, days?? I really am excited to move on to episode 2, (but the game wont let us, because of the issues on xbox)
  10. I appreciate y'all being on top of this problem. I can't wait to be able to play episode two!
  11. AGREED. After waiting this long and being so excited, its such a let down. I want to play so badly but I cant.
  12. Completely agree, my game has already lost ALL OF my progress so I cant even play until I know I can actually progress through without having to start ALL over again.