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  1. I agree completely with the premise of your idea. I have actually used a save editor to lower my character's starting condition a couple of times to add to the reality of the situation they should be in. I mean, who crashlands out in the middle of nowhere without a scratch on them? o.O
  2. I agree with this sentiment as well. Knowing that I may always have a couple of useless extra rose hips from trash cans makes me less likely to loot them, as they very rarely(if ever) have anything I'd actually want anyway.
  3. This would also give another great use of all the multitudes of books that have no other purpose other than being used to light a fire easily in the early/mid game.
  4. I hadn't seen your message of crouching potentially lessening the effect of the movement from wind, which would be a perfect balance to that, and I could see that working. =]
  5. What I mean by immediately under the player control, is what if the weather changes while you're currently crossing, even though it was a wonderfully calm day otherwise? Suddenly you fall down to your doom under no fault of your own? That's the kind of thing that can kill people's enjoyment, even if it would be rare and stoppable by NEVER crossing those types of crossings, just the fact that it CAN happen, can completely change how people have to play, and possibly not for the better.
  6. That would be an amazing and welcome change. I can understand why they'd feel it unnecessary to add it, as losing your save because of something outside of the player's immediate control can be frustrating, I believe the overall effect on immersion would be worthwhile. I have stopped and thought about that being a feature almost every time I go across the dam, and both wondering why it isn't a thing, and being so glad that it isn't.
  7. @kurja I think if they ever added NPCs to sandbox, having someone there with all those supplies within their cache who could trade you for some of their stuff would be an amazing addition to the game instead of a detraction.
  8. Even if they weren't usable, I admit them not existing within the game world is kind of weird.
  9. I think you'd be surprised how hard it is to be accurate with a slingshot if you've never tried to use one before.
  10. @Asti0 Thanks for going through the effort to do this for everyone. I promise, that even if people are silent, we still appreciate that SOMEONE is willing to go through the effort of figuring this out, even if we aren't ;P
  11. Pilgrim I may be able to agree on, but I don't see how Voyageur, (and definitely not Stalker) could possibly not be perma-death game modes. Voyageur is easy enough after a few times going through it, that I don't see how it would benefit the learning steps of a new player to not have them die a few times to get their feet wet and have that teach them how to avoid having it happen in the future. That's how a player like me has come to enjoy interloper(though I hate the amount of wolves in stalker, and therefore avoid it). Although when I first started, Voyageur I thought was fairly difficult to survive more than a few weeks before I made a mistake and got eaten or froze to death. But experiencing those deaths taught me new things each time I played until I graduated to surviving months in Voyageur, and then on to tackling Interloper, and now I'm on to about a month so far on Interloper on my best run, and I think it will only come in time for me to survive a few months(if I'm lucky) in that mode!
  12. While as someone who likes the idea of more places to go/things to get, I don't know if that would be considered a priority to do something like that anytime soon for the team.
  13. While I certainly wouldn't mind more of this kind of thing in video games, I don't often see American flags or Japanese flags in most of their games as well, unless, like the Long Dark, the setting of the game(s) is(are) in that country that it makes sense for it to be there. Though the Canadian flags within this game always make me smile when I notice them lol
  14. I'm fine with that opinion given enough time after such a disaster. But I don't believe that after a period of a week or two suddenly the worlds gone to hell in a handbasket.