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  1. Thank you for the reply! I'll look into the area and do some research on it!
  2. I've gotten back into writing as of late and had an idea for a story inspired by The Long Dark. That is, person gets stranded in a frozen wasteland, at its barest bones. I was trying to map out a place in Canada that's similar to the region in game: Coastal area with large mountain ranges, as well as one that, based on the games art, isn't frozen year round. Any ideas?
  3. Since the area is so small, you're unlikely to run into packs of more than two at a time, if that. They usual spawn alone, and don't typically go on the roads. (Though this is entirely from personal experience, not hard mechanics)
  4. This game never ceases to amaze me with what it can do with such simple, yet stylistic, graphics!
  5. This is just a simple thing, albeit a very annoying thing. All I want is to be able to scrap these rugs and blankets I see in every house, please, my dear dear pants need it. In all seriousness, all I'm suggesting is giving the player the ability to scrap some more things for cloth, specifically rugs and blankets seen on some beds. Too many times have I found myself on low item durability, wanting to rip apart the tantalizing blanket on my bed for cloth to keep me going. ... And that's about all I have to say.
  6. Thanks! I recently updated the gloves, giving them that little fur collar around the end, I may post an update pic of it. And yeah, it's weird how sewing is seen as this like outdated hobby when if you think about how often your clothes wear and tear, it's really useful!
  7. After making myself a pair of Rabbit-Fur mittens inspired by the one's in game (shameless self plug below) It got me thinking... As someone with no prior experience in sewing/crafting, as TLD's character does, it came out really... non-sturdy, I guess is how you'd describe it. My suggestion is that your Mending Skill has a chance to determine the percentage of condition a crafted piece of clothing has after crafting. As well as have said mending skill be increased by crafting clothing. For example: Level 1: 75-100% Level 2: 80-100% Level 3: 85-100% Level 4: 90-100% Level 5: 100% + 10% non-repairable bonus (Meaning it would get 110% after crafting, but after dropping below 100%, the additional 10% cannot be gotten back. Similar to how cooking skill increases calories from cooked food.) Something like this I feel would give more weight and diversify the usability of the mending skill, making it more than just useful for repairing clothes. Again, I can attest to the notion that when you have very little skill mending and sewing, crafted clothing items often come out loose and liable to break easily. At the same time, you learn A LOT by doing something so complex. So while having a low mending skill can result in poorly crafted clothes, it could also bolster that skill's proression by a large, but balanced amount.
  8. As the title suggests, I decided to make myself a pair of rabbit-skin mittens based on the one's found in-game. And I must say, they are pretty god**** warm. Credit to Hinterland for creating such a great game that inspired me to get into sewing and art of the like!
  9. We've all had out close encounters in this game, but some of them stand out amongst others. What experience have you had while surviving that put you on the very brink of death, where you weren't sure if you'd make it home? I'll start w/ mine. On ~day 50 of my first Stalker playthrough, I had just entered Pleasant Valley from Coastal Highway. After passing by the the Rural Store and traveling straight towards the barns, what do I see over the hilltop?.. A pack of eight god**** wolves Now I'm all for a challenge, but I know when I'm outnumbered. At this point I was already tired, hungry, and thirsty. So, I decided to head back and rest up for the night. Well, you can imagine my surprise when I turn around to find a wolf barking up at me. After not firing in time, I managed to get him off me with some difficulty: leaving me at 75% condition. No problem, right? That's what I was thinking, after a couple steps, there it is again... More barking. Here was were I was scared. Another struggled happened, 60%. Profusely bleeding, both hands and ankles sprained, and not nearly enough painkillers to top myself off, I make a mad dash back to the store. But there it was again... More barking. I turn around once more to see two wolves following my trail, I hadn't even made it back over the hill at this point. Here, my fatigue dropped so high I couldn't even sprint. Desperate, I light one of my two flares and meet the wolves halfway, just to get them off my back faster. Which worked... for a good 10 seconds. Just over the hilltop at this point, they began to stalk me once more.I drop the flare in favor of my rifle; fully loaded. Limping and over-encumbered, I'm moving like a snail. The two wolves quickly catch back up to me, desperate and scared, I just fire my rifle, again and again. The previous struggles had torn my clothes to shreds. As a storm rolls in, I get colder and colder. 48...20...10...0...-10... and so on. Freezing, exhausted, starving, and thirsty, reaches ~50% not before long. And the wolves get closer still... One of them charges. I shoot. But too late. A third struggles goes down. Thankfully, the bullet wound kills the wolf while struggling for my life. 10% I take my emergency-stim, but its not enough. The ever growing cold, my hunger and thirst quickly takes that bonus 15% back down. Barely to the road...barking. Another wolf makes his way down the hillside. I take potshots, just scaring him away. I quickly burn through my bullets as I force him to run back every time he picks back up on my trail. I make it to the store, safely, but not in good condition. I tend to my blood loss as best I can, eat what little food and water I had on me. But there's no bed in the store, and I'm freezing. It's only 32 degrees, I'm going to die. But I'll be damned if I let happen, cowering in a corner. I leave the store and make my way across the bridge; the wind pushing back against my struggles. The cold sets in once again, stronger then ever. 9%...5%...lower and lower my condition drops. Stumbling across the bridge, both of our hearts racing, we're met with two options: Head for the car, which might be warm enough. Head for the house, much farther, but guaranteed warm. I take my chances with the car, I'd rather die safe in the car than let the wolves feast on me 3%... My vision starts fading as the vignette of death wraps around me. I make it inside, barely. The car was warm enough, barely. 2%... I'm still starving and even thirstier. I take my chances with the near spoiled food I had, I'm dead if I get sick, my antibiotics were in the house. Thankfully, I don't get sick. Topped off and warming up, I do to sleep; no bedroll either. Hopefully it won't get colder. I wake up two hours later freezing, but with some extra condition. I take another chance and set off to the house. 8%... The wind is howling, but it wasn't the only thing. More barking. With a loud "Oh f*** off!" I take a potshot at the wolf with my last bullet. Bulls-eye. I head back inside, my vision fading again, and collapse into the warm bed. I made it home... Safe, for the day... If you've got any experiences like that, please share! I'd love to hear what other people here have been through in this horrible, Canadian, wilderness!
  10. This is a minor thing I've noticed, and not a terrible concern, but I've had times where I've had multiple rifles in my bag while relocating gear. But, I've found that when using the hotkey/wheel to pull out the rifle, it defaults to the one w/ the higher condition as opposed to the one w/ more ammo. So you can imagine my surprise when I get ganged up on by two wolves only to try and shoot one, only to hear that dainty little click click as they proceed to consume me, body and soul. What I would recommend would be if you have multiples of the same weapon, the one with more ammo is equipped when using the hotkeys/wheel. TLDR: Hotkey/Wheel picks the rifle you have w/ higher condition as opposed to loaded ammo. Or... I could just make sure to load both weapons, but hey, that would entail me being smart.
  11. So, first post on here is a game breaking bug report? Well looks like I'm off to a great start... But I digress, as the title suggests this bug, however it happens, it a really serious one. Basically, I decided to load up my game and I ended up falling through the universe. Prior to this, I saved inside the Trapper's Homestead before safely closing the game out. And when I loaded it up the next day... things took a turn as you see. From what I can tell, instead of having my character load back into the Homestead interior, I'm instead loaded into what I can only assume to be the Title-Screen's world-space. After some exploring and wolf encounters, I found what would be the door to get inside the Homestead (I'm honestly surprised the door actually works) to get back inside the homestead...Thankfully you can get back into the normal game... but... ... your character and world are completely reset (except for that sandbox's stats)...yeah... I'm not sure how to go about recreating this. I made multiple new games and saved and quite whilst inside but could not recreate it... RIP Survivor #4, you and your four god**** rifles and 30 bullets will be missed. TLDR: Loaded game while in Trapper's Homestead, fell through Universe, ended up in Limbo in the map for the title screen, exiting reset world/character, the end. Let's just chalk it up to this "new" survivor having dreamt of a global disaster only to wake up to one actually occurring... that makes it a bit better. Videos documenting the exploration of the Twilight Zone that is Northern Canada (no commentary): Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: Part 4: TLD Saves.rar