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  1. Yes, I've heard the rumors that eye shots crit.. and right between the eyes would be just as effective... but an inch higher and you've just got a haircut... An inch off to the side of an eye is just a shave... You'd need some huevos grande to keep your composure under that kind of pressure. The harsh reality of the situation is, after you find a rifle, you'll need to make sure it's nice and clean.. and if it's in pretty bad shape, you might only want to use it for defense while you look for one that isn't going to kill a whole cleaning kit on you. Then - if you're playing survival - you'll need to get your skill level up or your bullets won't be going where you're aiming. That means finding and reading skill books. You also get advances in skill for every hit you get from firing the weapon. THEN, once you have a clean (high condition) rifle, and a high skill level and you aren't tired or suffering from some affliction that makes aiming difficult, you'll need to be good at aiming accurately and quickly before your arms become fatigued from holding up the rifle AND hitting a moving target (cuz Mr. Bear doesn't just stand there striking poses while you line your sights up on his eyes). If there was a guaranteed crit - and I'm pretty sure no shot is guaranteed to crit - an eye shot would be it. The problem with headshots is that you need to hit pretty close to center hitbox or your bullet will only severely hurt the bear and he'll maul you, then wander off to bleed out. Generally speaking, if you can get two headshots in before he gets to you, that should do the trick (the damage doesn't stack, but one will generally crit if you're not just hitting the edge of his head... Hunting bear with the rifle isn't really advisable since bears will charge once shot by the rifle. The distress pistol and Bow both have their advantages when bear hunting, but you'll need to learn what those are. The new revolver can be good too, but aiming slightly off can glance off the thick bear skull and leave you with pissed-off bear to deal with...
  2. Just in case anyone's wondering, I didn't come up with those questions.. they're from here: which can be found on page 7 of the introduce yourself forum at the time I posted...
  3. I never had a problem with it the way it was before... it's not like rabbits are booking all over the place... upvoted..
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    Even the biggest pencil... 15 grams... (and I actually couldn't find any heavier than 10grams) vs. 600 grams. just sayin'...
  5. Sure. The OP makes perfect sense. What doesn't make sense is that we're having to carry several pounds of burnt wood around in our packs to scrawl crudely drawn maps with in the first place. You mean to tell me that of the 27 Gazillion pencils on Earth (and other writing implements not susceptible to extreme cold), there's a complete absence of any of them on Great Bear? Did earlier survivors burn them all instead of breaking down that wooden crate sitting next to the desk? Once you find a pencil and have a knife to sharpen it, charcoal should no longer be required (merely used in early game until finding a pencil & knife). Sadly, that couldn't be an option because all the players that already have accomplished the Cartographer achievement did it by lugging 5lbs of charcoal around in their pants pockets... ...Unless The Achievement could only be accomplished using charcoal, and then players would simply have to ignore the presence of writing implements in-game if they were pursuing the achievement...
  6. LOL.. I lost track and thought I was still responding to PancakeLady's posts... hehheh.. all the same... I'm not going back until I'm warm & content from a meal of Flapjacks and hot coffee!.
  7. Well put. Then untrodden the summit of the OG forestry watch tower shall remain - in your game and mine - until pancakes are in the game! To this, I solemnly swear! (I mean, they GOTTA add pacakes at SOME POINT.. no? Who doesn't have pancakes in their survival game??).
  8. I would love the company! There's already some ghosts here to keep you company if you should fail!
  9. Jolan, Jolan, Jolan... You get over to that trestle and YOU CROSS IT. Then turn around and CROSS IT AGAIN! Then turn around, cross it again, and get on with gettin' on! I have a keyboard with sticky keys. Especially the "A" key for some reason, so I know how you feel about unexpected things causing your death.. But this isn't like that anymore! So... walk around on some railroad tracks until you have a good sense for where your feet are.. (stepping up and down off the rails).. then turn the sound down on your headset so you don't get all creeped out by the creaking sounds, and "one foot in front of the other" until you get to the hazard. The trick with the broken trestle - and I have crossed it a dozen times if I've crossed it once - is to keep your vision forward until you think you're almost to the point where you should stop and rotate your character. Then look around and inch forward just enough that the turn seems almost a left or right turn. Then you turn to face the direction of the shimmy, and walk a step or two until the next rotation seems right. You stop.. check you position, rotate your character so they are headed to a point further ahead but in line with the section of track they'll be walking on, and walk forward. It's not bugged anymore! You'll be fine! P.S. - if you die, I never said anything.
  10. I'm gonna change my response to the threead since I will probably HAVE to play 'loper eventually... I'll say.. I can't not do ALL the side missions that are available in Story mode. When it comes to the story, I am a completionist, all the way (and, Yes, I'll use the wiki to see if I missed anything once I appear to be done).
  11. Because you miss the old one. maybe? If it makes you feel any better, the Forestry Dept. demolished the old one on purpose when they decided to build a new tower with a better vantage point on a higher hilltop so hikers and locals wouldn't play around on the old structure and possibly hurt themselves since the FD wasn't going to continue maintenance of the facility... C'mon.. get up there and get ur can opener and pork n beans!
  12. Yep. Considering they're in Canada, that makes much more sense...
  13. Contains fan-theory / possible spoilers for unreleased content: I like jeremiah and all.. nice enough guy.. but I don't know about "poor old hermit, living the sweet life, free of responsbility..". He strikes me as more the Go ahead, Hulkster! "AJB SMASH!" 😄 As for things I can't bring myself to do... Play straight Stalker or Interloper, I guess... I need to get my Fire Master badge and I'll need to pick from one of the presets cuz custom sandboxes don't count towards it, but Stalker gives me too much loot and Interloper, not enough. I know I'm gonna wind up caving in and joining the ranks of the Lopers but it seems like so much WORK babysitting needs and resources alla time! And cabin fever! Ugh! Please! Plus I like to pack some heat out there. A BOW?? Man... who do I look like? Frikkin Grizzly Adams?? ..Actually, I kinda do... I guess we all have our crosses to bear... LOL.. playing a video game is my cross...! That sounds so pathetic! 😝
  14. Yep. Once I have a weapon or the Distress pistol, that HH lives at the forge... That hammer's HEAVY!
  15. Hey everybody.. I've been playing for quite some time... took a break back when TC's The Division 1 came out to play it with my kids... Then I logged a ton of hours in Hello Games' NMS... Now, I'm back to redo Episodes 1 & 2 so I'm all caught up when 3 rolls out. I enjoy role-playing as a Ranger-camper / outdoor enthusiast. Do a little fishing.. snare a rabbit or two.. sit (stand) by the campfire listening to a moose steak sizzle on the griddle.. the loons calling from afar and wait for the light show... Here's my Icebreaker 10: What's your preferred experience mode right now? -- I'm presently finishing up Luminance Fugue Redux, but I prefer sandboxing with scant resource availability but having the opportunity to find anything in-game eventually (so I chose medium BRA and knock the other settings down to their minimums).. What's the longest you've survived? -- I checked my journal and it looks like I reset stats at some point because the only stats showing are for more recent play-throughs (might have happened when I got a new rig). If I had to guess, I'd say 200ish? I can't remember if I ever tried to make a run at surviving a year.. Could be as low as 175 or thereabouts too... I'm not one for continuing if I've got too much gear laying around early on. What's your favorite region? -- Tough choice.. I get a good vibe from MT because I really like GreyMother. She's one sassy mamma-jamma with a heart-breaking backstory. But who doesn't like ML and all the nostalgic familiarity?... I haven't finished getting my Fire Master badge yet but, once I do, I'll either role-play in the MT basin, or in HRV. Probably the MT basin since the Hermits' cabin has a tent-like structure and is on the water. I can always trek up to town for supplies now and then if need be... Bow or Rifle? -- Both, but using them selectively, of course. Have you tried any Challenges? Which was the hardest? -- Not yet, but I will. Especially if it turns out that fires started will count towards my Fire Master badge. What's scarier, wolves or bears? -- I'm still traumatized from The Old Bear and tales of a demon bear... I don't think that will be wearing off any time soon. What's the one item you'd never leave your base without? -- Matches. Do you have any Badges? -- All but Fire Master. Favorite item of clothing -- Moose-hide satchel? Does that count? I'm something of a hoarder... Second and third place runner-ups... Mackinaw jacket and Cowichan sweater (sweater, if I had to choose)... Luckiest moment -- Huh... lucky... I'm not particularly lucky... I do remember when I first got the game and I was stumbling around ML trying to find shelter in the middle of a blizzard. I was in a very bad way.. health meter around 6%.. I might have already had my heartbeat in my ears... and suddenly, out of the blinding, wind-swept snow.. appeared the heavenly facade of the Trappers' cabin! I could have kissed the ground! That is some gaming joy I have rarely ever felt: If ever. I knew then that all hope was lost. I was hooked. Give me that, "Your're gonna die.. you're gonna die.. you're dying... you're almost dead... you're de.. WAIT! You MADE IT!!!" good, good feelin'..! I'll be seein' y'all around... if we ever cross paths, step up to the campfire and I'll fix ya a cuppa Joe. You want a little somthn somthn in that?
  16. I'm sure the devs could make it so they wouldn't work in that capacity. They could be limited to only functioning indoors or only on or in proximity to certain structures... if tying a ribbon around a tree (fashioned from a piece of cloth?) were to ever become "a thing", then we could decorate trees with decorative items since we could just as easily use a ribbon for a trail marker...
  17. Cuz HH is one of the fastest ways to get a critter off you with minimal clothing damage...? Least it was, at one time .. I think.. (heck, idk...).
  18. Here's my suggestion for a beverage we could "find" in TLD: Tipple Champers' KLONDIKE Joy Juice. Description on bottle: "The champagne of bathtub hooch."
  19. Not necessarily... Alcohol could be introduced as a purely cosmetic item for role-playing or as a consumable with only negative effects (blurred, distorted vision; stacking loss of motor control (control over player movement); quicker heat loss, reduced weapon skills, longer crafting times and a minor initial boost to the hydration meter followed by the meter draining at an accelerated pace). Edit: In this case, the "benefit" would be that it was even in the game at all.
  20. At the risk of seeming like I'm really pushing for the ability to crack a cold one fireside - and I really could take it or leave it - I will add that TLD has the same ESRB rating as World of Warcraft (T=Teen, ages 13+) which has "use of alcohol" in their description and game. In fact, there are no less than 21 different types of alcoholic beverages in that game (each having a vision and motor control affect following consumption).
  21. had the following information available for family name " WINTERMUTE ": WINTERMUTE "Americanized spelling of German Wintermut(h), a variant of Wendemuth, a nickname for an inconstant or fickle person, from Middle High German wenden ‘to turn’ + muot ‘mind’,‘sense’, later ‘courage’." Source: Dictionary of American Family Names ©2013, Oxford University Press At this link: There is a map showing where in Canada & the US they could be found. If the highlighted (green) areas are showing the US Northeast, simply click on "location" and choose Canada. and the following accompanying text: "You can see how Wintermute families moved over time by selecting different census years. The Wintermute family name was found in the USA, and Canada between 1840 and 1920. The most Wintermute families were found in the USA in 1880. In 1911 there were 57 Wintermute families living in Ontario. This was about 58% of all the recorded Wintermute's in Canada. Ontario had the highest population of Wintermute families in 1911. Use census records and voter lists to see where families with the Wintermute surname lived. Within census records, you can often find information like name of household members, ages, birthplaces, residences, and occupations." In-game reference without spoilers: Players of TLD Story mode, will have heard the name / word used before the end of Episode 2. To the best of my knowledge, @Raphael van Lierop has not elucidated on any relevance of the name / word to the game, though I haven't done an exhaustive search: I seriously doubt he has.
  22. As a functional component of the game, I'd agree. Definitely all negative afflictions would be associated with its' consumption in a survival scenario such as players encounter in TLD. However, as a purely cosmetic, role-playing element, I'd say it's fine. It's inclusion into the game in any fashion (DLC or otherwise) could potentially have some detrimental effect on the communities' response and future sales of the game (or DLC) - which could then translate into lessened support for the studio - as there are some people adamantly opposed to the practice. I think that would largely be contingent on how it was implemented. I think it would be "a goof" if drinking AB's had some visual & motor-control effects associated with it; though keeping it "toned down" would probably be a good idea. I wouldn't want it to seem like the player was tripping on acid...
  23. A variety of alcoholic beverages (AB's) could be added to the game as primarily cosmetic items for role-playing purposes in a DLC Supporter Pack! There could even be a brief animation / visual effect of blurry or distorted vision and a stacking loss of motor control / stumbling the more drinks were consumed. While there probably wouldn't be any positive benefits to consuming AB's, I imagine there might well be dangers involved if one chose to do so while there was the possibility that a predator might approach the player while they were in a "compromised state"... But, being a big fan of role-playing, I'd definitely crack a brewski or three while hanging out by the lakeside campsite at night enjoying the aurora and natural ambience! Mmm... Steak, beer and crazed Aurora wolves... My favorite! Seriously... if I died because I the respawn timer on the wolf that I had cleared from the area suddenly expired / cycled and I was attacked while pubbin' fireside?... I'd have less problem with it than some other ways I've met my demise in the game. I vote "yee". lol
  24. Unless I'm mistaken, arrows landing nearby will frighten a bear and cause it to flee. Hitting, on the other hand, will provoke an attack. Excerpts from the wiki: Gunshots/Hits Bears run away from the firing sound of the distress pistol and also from the landing impact of flare rounds or arrows dropping near them. Additionally, bear also charge when hit by arrows, but only if they can see who shot them, otherwise they flee.