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  1. This is more or less what I was aiming to get across when I mentioned the matches. Why is it realistic to "have clutter" but not realistic to concile matches into one compartment? I know I wouldn't have 15 different boxes of matches lying around at home if the boxes were almost empty. I'd put them all in one place. The reason it doesn't make sense to me is that I have matchboxes which have up to 50+ (!!) matches in them because they're at the same degradation quality, whilst I have 14 other icons of the same thing, simply because they're only a few percentage points behind. Since I am yet to see a single match "degrade out" through a 115 day playthrough that has included me getting trapped in snowstorms a fair few times, I think making them degrade is kinda pointless. The clutter is just a visual encumbrance.
  2. I'm currently on a 115 day playthrough and have come close to death due to getting lost a fair few times - but I think the lack of a map adds to the core experience of the game. Memorising the areas through trial and error gives the game that sense of urgency. Maybe provide a map in Pilgrim mode? Also, as a player who has played Skyrim for over 500 hours, the map tends to make you kinda lazy... especially with instant travel.
  3. Sometimes I have to click on the REPAIR or HARVEST icons a few times in succession before it registers. (Worst case scenario is about five clicks.) Happens intermittently and with various items. I can confirm that no other option is being done whilst I am attempting to select these options. Cheers
  4. Great game. Looking forward to the full release! A thing I would like to see in the game is a "combine" option to minimise icon clutter in the inventory. IE: Having 15 boxes of matches and be able to combine them all into one icon. I get that matches can get soggy and start to degrade, but in my 100+ day playthrough I am yet to see a single match degrade all the way to 0%. And I carry them everywhere. At the very least, have a maximum stack of maybe 100 matches per icon.