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  1. That is basically all you hear thus far. Story mode is great and all, but during long treks between areas where your condition will naturally drop - the character simply doesn't shut up. I'm not certain how other people feel about this, but after 30 minutes I was thoroughly irritated at the consistency.
  2. Five minutes to go till 1st August and the 'disturbance'! (I hope - I want to start my new Sandbox already!)
  3. I'm honestly surprised and baffled as to how Hinterland decided that a countdown to an announcement would be received well by the fans. To date I always saw this team as... well, in a word; flawless! We all make mistakes - this particular one was a whopper. Though I cannot help but wonder if the countdown was intended on generating hype and pre-sales. I doubt we will get such a confession - and I want to stress that I am simply wondering if this was the intent - stopping short of accusing Hinterland. I maintain that the game is still fantastic, even in its unfinished state - and for years it was available at a pittance of $20 when the content was so much more than a lot of other alpha titles available. I won't echo what a lot of others have already voiced - I am confident enough that the team have taken this criticism and are now mindful of it. I still have faith in the team and faith in the project. I am certain I am not alone. Just take it as a sharp slap on the wrist. Nothing was done that cannot be undone.
  4. If you've reached that point in the wolf fight, I personally feel we have zeroed in on your problem. The wolf 'fight' is about the evasion, not physically fighting them off. If they're on top of you, you have lost the fight. You usually have a lot of lee-way when a wolf spots you. Not facing it and pacing away steadily will less likely invoke it to charge at you. I've led wolves from Carter Dam all the way to Camp Office and they haven't ran after me. I would also recommend using sprinting only to evade wolves. This means to not use sprint at all for anything else, to guarantee you have a burst available for evasion when you do encounter a pack. Last resorts are decoys and waving flares.
  5. You should see the thread about the 'realism' of the rifle. A lot of our American friends turned it into an NRA committee. I agree with your post, by the way.
  6. ... when you say 42 degrees, I gather this is Fahrenheit? 5 Celsius for the rest of the world. Thread confused me at first.
  7. What story? It's a sandbox. No details have been released about the story mode.
  8. Welcome to TLD and the Forums. We always look forward to posts regarding the shock that surrounds Fluffy!
  9. Did I just get lucky that I found the way back in a few minutes after I made it out? If you want a hint about where it is... hope you aren't afraid of heights.
  10. None. I have had a couple of Bear related deaths and one instance of being stuck in a blizzard. I have 185 hours played listed in Steam for TLD since early release and have only died three times. Most of my other hours are just deleted sandboxes. I always play on Stalker. Wolf attacks for me are rare things. Wolf evasions on the other hand, are plentiful.
  11. They say laughter is the best medicine. Whilst our characters struggle in the cold, the wet and the dark, I feel we should motivate them by throwing up some humour. Do keep them tasteful though. Feel free to make your own at; https://memegenerator.net/
  12. To an extent I have to agree with the OP on this one. I'm still on the fence about the new clothing system. I'm not keen on the whole "keep a seperate set of clothes" deal especially when you have to manage each piece of gear manually. They could mitigate this by allowing players to save setups of gear. IE: Wear a set of gear how you like and then create a "profile". Wear another set of gear and create another "profile". Then changing clothes can easily be done with a click. I guess the issue then is how it would refer to where the clothing physically is - they would need to limit it to; * If the clothing is carried by the player. (Unlikely to carry two sets anyway.) * If the clothing is within vicinity. (Impractical.) * If the clothing is indoors. (Then what about "indoor" areas like in Timberwolf Mountain?) There don't appear to be many easy answers. I will affirm however, that like the OP, I am not a fan of micromanaging gear.
  13. Australia are so backward when it comes to video game ratings. Makes me glad I game mostly on PC - I'm not constrained by console limitations. ( I have an XBox One also - I prefer playing Fighting, Racing and Football games on consoles. )
  14. That is no different from what I said. Both your points happen from the users end.
  15. First rule of Tech Support is to look at the problem from the users end before assuming it's on the company side.
  16. I'm on day 30 of a Stalker playthrough. I haven't been attacked by anything. This isn't because there aren't enough Wolves - it's because I have learnt how to avoid them. You will find that if you patiently navigate around the zones with abundant stamina, sprinting away from a pack is an ideal way to avoid being attacked. IE: Don't sprint unless you need to. It should be used as evasion, not as convenience. Have a flare ready. Drop a decoy if you have to. I find that walking backwards steadily when a Wolf is pacing you seems to make it hesitate in sprinting after you also. The fight isn't when the Wolf is on top of you - it is when you start evading their hunt.
  17. There are boots everywhere I've found. I'm running a Stalker sandbox and had the luxury of being able to harvest about 4 pairs of Heavy Boots and a pair of Sneakers. I have too much Cured Leather already and I'm on day 15.
  18. Yup - the reason is because you place much more time and effort into the decisions you make in comparing, equipping and maintaining your gear. This is akin to the RPG system of donning armor. I was iffy at first about having more gear to deal with but I grew fond of it quickly.
  19. Nice try, but frostbite is a realism debate as well.
  20. Kudos to you wonderful folks at Hinterland! The colour palette is much more rich, the anti aliasing appears to be at 16x due to no visible jagged edges, MIP maps are crystal clear... and yet, framerates are now a consistent 60! The game has never looked so good on ULTRA! I remember Raphael mentioning back in the day that the graphics of TLD drew more from the CPU. Did you guys change the CPU intensivity of the game recently and offload it more onto the GPU? I'm curious what the technical changes were, because the change in performance is phenomenal in regards to how much more polished the game has become.