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  1. is there any way we could play one of the older versions? i have been thinking lately i have been taking a break from the long dark well because it doesn't seem to be the long dark i miss the old graphics i guess its just nostalgia but could it be done like the 4Don event or just not possible to do?
  2. +1 i like the shotgun and the bear trap
  3. yes but if you think about it an arrow head is a projectile same with a bullets
  4. ever had a thought about this big bear traps the ones with the spikes on the sides thar when thay put there feet in the middle the feet touch the pressur plate 1 ton of presur hits them killing them
  5. so maby your out of bullites none left you should be able to pick them up travil to a house some where were ther is a desk with projectile,gunpouder and primers and you should be able to find a big realoader on the desk if you right click it it will be lick a furnis but no wood instead you put the empty bullites,projectiles,gunpouder and primers and then you can reaload them and then use them hope this helped
  6. i recon you guys should ad a realoader because there's a limited amount of bulliets in the game and also maby a hand gun 9mm would be good for wolfs fell free to wright a coment