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  1. Thanks Hinterland! I actually thought the ice sheet in the cave was a feature for the challenge. The rope in that cave is one of the ones i usually use to get off the mountain and I had a mini heart attack until i realized that there was another in the plane.
  2. Are you looking on the side quest page? When you go to the Journal it defaults to the main quest. You have to click the tab at the top of the page to get to the side quests.
  3. Unfortunately, I can't remember where I found that one.
  4. SPOILERS BELOW. I don't know how to hide spoilers, sorry. You are missing the one in the clearcut in ML, behind the trailers. I never got the one near the hunting lodge. Do you know if you have to get the note before you can get the cache? Or where the note for that one is?
  5. You don't have to complete episode one to skip dialog/cut scenes. I had to start over several times before I even got to Grey Mother. Once you see the scene once, you can just ESC out of it next time. At least that's how it works for a PC. I don't know about anything else.
  6. Yes i was. Is that my problem? I guess that makes sense that it would assume i was trying to warm the food. I was trying to arrange all my food stuffs but I ended up just putting everything in a cupboard bcz dropping it wasn't working. I don't think I tried dropping it a fair distance away from the fire.
  7. Every time I drop canned food, it opens. I don't eat it but the can is opened. When I first heard the can opening I hit cancel and the text "picked up can" [or something to that effect] appeared. Is this a bug or have they taken away the ability to place food items in the environment?
  8. It says that they fixed the clothing items at low condition. Does that mean they didn't fix the issue where the climbing socks mini-icon always appears to be at low condition even when at 100%? I would call that fixing the issue of clothing at high condition. I guess I'll find out soon enough.
  9. Nevermind. Apparently, once you kill the bear, you can't just go straight to a side mission. The aurora is happening regularly now that I've turned over the ear.
  10. I have not been able to get an aurora since the latest patch. I've been waiting for 18 days at Jeremiah's bunker trying to get in and I still haven't got an aurora. Been through 7 pounds of bear meat and two deer so far. Before the patch, I never had this problem. Has anyone else had this problem since the patch? I'm submitting a bug report but they are all on vacation so...
  11. I'm still working my way through story mode but the sheer amount of grammatical and spelling errors is astonishing. Also, I keep having the wrong item display, like socks at 100% looking like they are on their last legs. There are so many little things wrong that I don't even know where to start with a bug report. The fact that they skipped beta really explains a lot.
  12. I'm pretty sure I tried ESC. I don't think it worked. Or maybe I was just bugged. IDK
  13. Am I missing something with the cut scenes? How do we skip the cutscenes when re-playing? It's super frustrating to have to sit through everything when I want to start over. I tried searching other threads but I couldn't find anything.
  14. Thank you Jafo, that is very good to know. My only other experience is with subnautica and it is nothing like this.
  15. It's good to be hopeful. Over the years I've just become so jaded with this game... My only other experience with an early release game was so good that it makes the TLD development team look really really bad by comparison. Different developers, different strokes I guess. I have no idea what is standard when it comes to these things. Have you heard that TLD will allow modding? Someone mentioned a rumor. That could solve some play-ability issues down the line. *dreams of the ability to throw things off a cliff so I can climb down with ease*