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  1. @above me I'm thinking perhaps this thread isn't exactly the best place for the continuation of this conversation... But to the OP: I must admit I am a little sad about the lack of dreams taking place in the game you're making, but I suppose I had not considered the point of view difference: someone spending hours upon hours MAKING the game who knows all the technical stuff is going to be vastly different from someone who is spending hours upon hours PLAYING the game!
  2. Have you ever had any dreams where you were actually IN The Long Dark? I so, I'd love to hear the details. I've had a few, most recent one I can remember is one where I was trying to make my way home at night during a really nasty blizzard, visibility about up to 5 feet in front of my face, wind hard against my back, snow obscuring my vision...when out of nowhere a 7 foot tall black mass with glowing white eyes rushed me and killed me. Startled me awake.
  3. Are there any plans for making bones usable/harvestable from carcasses? Not only are there practical uses but I keep eying the bones I see in the bear caves and honestly...I so want to collect them and use them as decorations around my base because I'm weird like that
  4. I wish I could write more reviews for it on steam...already gave a very positive one way back in 2015! Too bad there will always be the (unfortunately loud) inconsolable people whining because X, Y and Z doesn't cater to their wants specifically For all the love and devotion and time you spend on not only the game, but interacting with the people playing your game, I 100% believe it is impossible for you guys to ever "ruin" it. But oh my goodness. The thought of maybe possibly seeing Bigfoot is really exciting. "That wolf looked oddly big....and bipedal...wait a minute." haha! Eager
  5. Exactly! If anything, I'd think you could scare a moose away after it got done with an unfortunate wolf for some easy struggle-free pelts and meat...intestinal parasites notwithstanding, of course
  6. Unfortunately, wolves (and deer, oddly enough) just run from the moose without the moose taking notice... And bears and moose just walk right by each other without a second glance haha!
  7. First off, I'm excited to say I've finally almost hit 1000 hours of playtime in this magnificent game Will there be any implemented ways to be able to access car trunks or lockers that have been broken as a result of breaking a low-condition pry bar in trying to open them? I had no idea this was a mechanic until I perma-locked a car trunk in Mountain Town....wanted to know if I could eventually find out what's hidden away in that trunk, or if I'm forever doomed to speculate as punishment
  8. It stung at first but after a while I realized it wasn't too bad, as I was able to forge and craft stuff in the meantime with an easy way to gain 3 more days toward my 500 day achievement and at least pilgrim is pretty forgiving and firewood is infinite. Hopefully that works though! I remember trying to redo the achievement in the very sheltered part of the structure next to PV farmstead, which is the same building model as the FM forge area, but twice blizzards ruined my progress, even though there were protective walls between wind direction and fire so I wound up doing it a third- su
  9. If you mean you intend to use the forge as your 3-day-long fire for that achievement, I must warn you right now that that won't work, as it has to be a regular camp fire! I learned that one the hard way (ironically at that very forge) and I was only on pilgrim (I love my casual experience ), but I imagine it would be infinitely more painful to learn that on interloper...especially since this snowball is doing so well! That being said, I love these stories! My favorite thing to do these past few days has been to read the updates before I go to sleep
  10. Found a phone pole that doesn't quite go all the way into the ground on PV map.
  11. 313 hours, according to steam. My most played game with Dishonored being the second
  12. I love a lot of these suggestions! I've also suggested this before but I think it would be pretty neat to add female deer as well, since the deer population around is basically one huge sausage party with antlers...same with the human corpses lol, I've seen that brought up elsewhere as well. Though IIRC bark has already been implemented as a random pickup like other types of wood. Was plenty pleased to see that.
  13. Thanks so much guys! @Bethany, oh I had no idea there was a fan art section! Otherwise I would have totally posted there Thanks for moving it!
  14. Thank you! Oh me too, I would spend so much time outside to watch it that my character would probably start needing to sleep in until evening the next day in order to function well
  15. Hey all! I was playing the game while listening to a song and I was running around in Desolation Point, near a car when I saw a wolf patrolling nearby. I got into the car and watched the wolf walk by as the lyric "When you're alone" played, and I was struck by inspiration and needed to do something about it. Opened up Photoshop and proceeded to paint up what I imagined, what do you think?
  16. Dang, I really should have started regularly using flares more often... But yeah throwing and catching would be pretty amazing lol.
  17. Probably a really silly question but.. :oops: I only recently REALLY started getting into using the flares to frighten wolves away and I happened to just scare one away from his kill with a flare, which I picked back up before going to start a fire next to the deer - saw the lit flare as the starter option and was very pleasantly surprised. How long has that been an option in place of matches? I'm dying to know just how long I've been missing out on this little trick.
  18. First time I saw the coffee mug, I thought it was the most adorable thing ever. I still think it's the most adorable thing ever. And I would ABSOLUTELY love to have my own Hinterland mug to drink hot chocolate in during the winter! Imagine sitting out in the woods in winter drinking from one, ahhhhh x)
  19. Found a place near a waterfall with some see-through rocks in Desolation Point.
  20. I can answer that, a few game days ago on a previous visit to one of the derelict houses in PV, I broke down the crates, and there happened to be the empty metal container on one of them. It fell to the floor as normal, but today I returned to the house to pick up some matches I left behind and found that metal container floating on the ghost of the crate I broke down
  21. Glad I'm not the only one who found it kinda strange to be able to harvest reclaimed wood in caves of all places. Along those lines, I also think it's kinda funky that the closed in porch of the farmstead has its own stash of 20 harvestable reclaimed wood separate from the rest of the house, where is all that wood coming from in there? :shock: unless the character is literally ripping the floorboards up or something...which can't be good for property value :lol: