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  1. Procedurally generated maps of course would be the best but player made maps is probably the next best thing! Great idea imo.
  2. Thanks guys thats SOOOO much easier than the drop/pickup thing : )
  3. So I'm playing the newest update. I like it but when pressing "1", it alternates now between matches and lamp (and if I had any, i'm assuming flares/torch too).... My question is, when I no longer need to be holding any of these things, how can i turn them off? I'm currently running around with a matchbox floating in front of me.
  4. Actually, yes, and arrows and I store my snares pretty much inside the door which would explain the crunching noise, but after I posted I noticed the noise happens when I enter the "back" door too where I store nothing. The arrows were all new ones, I kept the damaged ones on me to use til broken.
  5. Yeah I like this idea too. I noticed fallout 4 will have something like it I've wanted to drag a locker from the dam (or cabins) to the Lake office for soooo long now because of lack of storage space. I don't mind if it weighs so much that I pretty much have to drop everything else drag it back, slowly, in stages.... that'd be a real accomplishment. Those sealable plastic containers you find here and there should be moveable and possibly preserve stuff better than, say, a filing cabinet?
  6. I just read that we can find flint (haven't seen any yet and not sure where to look), which made me remember this youtube vid. Many will have seen it (thanks Reddit!), but I recommend it if you haven't, lovers of this game should appreciate it. Although I'd prefer to be able "forage" for scrap metal around certain locations (indoors, railcars etc) to fix up hatchet/knife, foraging for stone and making an axe/knife might be an alternative. Could also help in the early stages of a new playthrough when you don't know WHERE you'll find a knife/hatchet to fight off a wolf, or harvest a carcass.
  7. Yeah I stopped harvesting the 0.2kg etc bits of meat because they take just as long as a 1kg piece of meat to cook. Seems like they should cook faster, since they're smaller. Keeping them as decoy meat is a good idea though, it doesn't seem like cooked meat works as well as decoy, the times I've tried, the wolves just keep coming for me.
  8. Hi, sorry if this is a duplicate, I hit save draft before and now don't know how to get the draft and send it. So maybe thats a bug right here in the forums heh. But my REAL concern is: Playing on PC, and am into a particularly long game on the hardest mode. I've been living in the Mystery Lake office building for some time and sometime after about day 100 (sorry I can't remember exactly when it started), but whenever i ENTER the building, besides hearing the door noise, I also hear the soundbite for when something breaks. EVERY time I enter now, not when I leave. Nothing actually breaks though. Not even red. I ran over to the closest 3 lakeside cabins to test their doors and it didn't happen. Ran back to the office, and it's still happening. The breaking sound seems to kick in right when the door "closes", ie: after the squeeking opening sound and when the interior view has loaded. Minor bug, but... bugging me.
  9. Yep and some binoculars (gotta find them) to see which way a distant wolf is walking, or whether that dark patch is a harvestable deer etc.
  10. I think the point of view needs to be a bit higher. Last time I played the coastal road, I was sorta eye to eye with letterboxes, reeds etc and walking along rail tracks when you dip between the sleepers it sometimes feels like my chin is scraping the rail. This would also help in exploration/spotting wolves. Good job on the crafting IMO. The bow is hard to use which is as it should be. Perhaps this can be where books come in. Before you can make a bow (for example), you'd have to first find and read the relevant book. Same can be said for making the various clothing. Reading of course could be done while waiting for resources to cure. Annoying as hell failing to light a fire 3 times in a row but entirely realistic. So rather than complain, can I suggest that failures to light a fire (and repair for that matter) also add a skill point? "We learn from our mistakes" some wise person once said. The ability to forage scrap metal and cloth in appropriate places (indoors for both, near machinery for metal) would be nice and the greenery (cattails etc) could grow back with the growth time determined by difficulty level. I.e, hardest level could be like reality where stuff grows back after a year(?), however, new growth could be happening elsewhere in an unpicked area anytime. I realise that would be hard to program. The sandbox is excellent but it does get kinda 'meh' when you realise that you've done all you can and it's just a matter of time before you die. Still, that's just one mode of play. I'm looking forward to the story episodes. Dunno how your funding is going but I for one would be prepared to pay say 10 bucks for the first episode if it means ongoing chapters and continuation of the serious upkeep of the game I've seen so far. Also, sometime in the future I'd like to see some kind of 'perpetual' play option where you've stumbled upon some kind of community where NPC's are continuously needing help with something (missions), giving rewards, exploration, finding new survivors, killing marauding wildlife... all while keeping your cabin and yourself in good condition. I guess that could get old too but perhaps others can add to the idea to keep the challenge going.
  11. I ran outta matches then dehydrated to death in my sleep. The last 60 or so matches actually decayed away and I wasn't lucky enough to find the magnifying glass on this run through. GRR! Great fun!
  12. I'm sure you guys are already working on this, but we need some reason to skin. So far the only use that I know of for leather is to repair boots. So my couple of ideas were: Be able to craft outer garments (underwear made from leather would be pretty uncomfortable I think) like jacket, pants, boots and maybe mittens. These could maybe be best in slot and repairable by... more leather. Instead of 'pelts' from rabbits, just make it, say, 1 leather. Keep it simple. Along the same lines of keeping it simple, maybe just one type of wood that's used for all purposes, crafting, burning, repairing. Ah what the hell since I'm here, here's some other ideas floating in my head: As well as foragable leather and wood, maybe scrap metal, but only in the near vicinity of things like train carriages, limited amounts inside buildings etc. A mode of play along the lines of the movie 'the road'. For that it would be ideal to have randomly generated maps, don't have to be as big as the current ones, but entry and exit points for when you clean out an area and need to move on. Random encounters, including with other NPC's that may try to rob you, or want to trade or even need help. That's enough for now, the game is nice and has lots of potential, I love how you've introduced cars too, I wondered where they were lol.