Revenge of the Wolf


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i had been holed up in pleasant valley for the last 8 days (starting from a new game.) and in stalker mode where your character seems to be ravenous and dehydrated every 30 minutes, i had already looted the local town and burned through the entire food supply and was, at the time, staying regularly in the farmhouse. and due to the lack of food i decided to move up to the radio tower and scavenge it out. maybe there'd be a rifle waiting for me up there, allowing me to stay and hunt. if not, i'd move to coastal highway, live off of fish and canned foods for the next few months. when i started my journey, there was a heavy wind. well below freezing temperature, but with only one can of dog food left i decided i had to push through it or go hungry. i had my cup of coffee, and i was off. the first bit of my journey was not that interesting. took the long walk from the farmhouse to the radio tower path, by the time i got there i was frozen. i had 3 pieces of firewood on me, i had anticipated a short rest. i found a picnic site (complimented by a dead body which had been torn apart by wildlife) and built my fire up at a rock formation not far from it, as to be out of the wind. dropped my pack, laid out my sleeping bag and took a little nap. when i woke up from it, i looked around me and realized i was in the middle of a blizzard. a complete white out, couldn't see 5 feet in front of my face. i didnt see myself in any immediate danger, i typically have a decent sense of direction and as long as i could gather enough firewood and make it back to my temporary shelter to ride it out for a few hours, i'd be fine. i wish it were that simple, though. it never is. i pushed against the strong winds and blistering cold to find a cedar tree branch, then i cut it up with my hatchet to get about 3 hours worth of firewood. brought it back to my shelter, stoked my fire, huddled up in my sleeping bag for a while, then wash rinse and repeat. that process repeated for, roughly, 13 hours straight. by the time it ended all i had was star and moonlight in the middle of the woods, and the knowledge that wolves would be hunting at this hour. with that knowledge, i decided to just stay put until daylight. gather wood, stoke fire, rest. gather wood, stoke fire, rest. over and over again for another few hours. that is, until i came out of my sleeping bag to a wolf tearing apart a deer just feet away from my shelter. i panicked, grabbed up my hatchet and flare, and prepared to defend myself. i was cornered, i knew that. if that wolf charged me, i would be in a very tight spot, i knew he definitely had the advantage over me at that point. however after a minute i realized he showed no care for me. he was too busy with his most recent kill to even acknowledge my presence. so it was simply a chance for free meat. i stroke my flare and tossed it at him, scaring him off. and took advantage of his kill. i must have harvested 14 pounds of meat over the whole night. as i was cooking the meat, a strong gust of wind blew straight into my campfire, nearly extinguishing it. i cursed that blizzard, grabbed up a makeshift torch from what was left of my fire, and stumbled out into the now pitch black wilderness. as i was looking for wood, i heard a vicious-sounding growl directly behind me. i spun around, and there he was. that same wolf that i scared off and just made angry by stealing his claim. i slowly backed away from him, heading back to my fire. i thought maybe the sight of my fire would discourage his attack. but it didnt. he charged at me full speed, and i threw my torch at him as hard as i could and took off running into the wilderness. after 10 minutes, i decided to head back toward my temporary shelter. and peek at it. see if he had run off after being hit with a burning torch. and sure enough, he hadn't. instead he had his head on the ground, scarfing down my cooked venison which i had buried in the snow. i wandered off, now freezing, to chop up another tree branch. maybe he would be gone once i returned. and when i returned, he was. i was able to sit down, stoke what was left of my fire, and even had enough venison left to mix with my last can of dog food. made it go down a lot easier... i watched the sun rise, had a cup of tea, and rested until my fire went out. once it was burnt out, i rolled my supplies back up in my sleeping bag, strapped it to my back, and headed out once more, continuing yesterday's journey.

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