what exactly will the story mode be about? confused..


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so i thought that Anna is Will's love interest? and honestly, after reading up on them on the wiki, i always sort of figured that the story would be about them looking for one another. but then the trailer comes out and it introduces some woman named Astrid Greenwood who is apparently a doctor, talking about finding Will? or, is she talking about someone else? and if she is speaking about Will, then what exactly is her relation to him?

when i first saw the "pick your survivor" screen, i just assumed that the female was meant to be Anna.

i don't know, I'm slightly confused here :P

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I think Astrid was created to cover themselves after they got so much positive feedback for including a female protagonist in the sandbox even though they never intended to have one in the story.

Most likely, she uses her doctoring skills to get Will back on his feet after the crash. Helps also explain why everything is so screwed up with the world at the start of the game, dead bodies everywhere, mass exodus already taken place. He didn't just crash, he's been in a coma for the last 27.8 days and just woke up. Maybe her part of the story will only be the start, finding supplies to keep him fed and get him healed. How they then transition to a mechanic where Will can heal fully from a bear attack by just sleeping in a bag on the ground at 1 degree above freezing I don't know. Maybe she gets to find the lost research facility where a great Canadian superhero/mutant was modified and retrieve a special genetic sample to take back and give Will far superior healing abilities that tragically also remove his ability to climb or jump :)

Maybe that explains why they haven't rendered character arms yet and how feels-like-freezing is comfortable to his naked body. He is also very, very hairy...

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