A few minor suggestions.


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Let me start by saying thank you to the Hinterland Studios for making a unique flavored game that also delivers, it's an aspect hard to come by these days, i'm completely sold.

There is however always room for improvement.

I'll keep this one topic to only minor suggestions, i do have a couple of bigger in-depth suggestions too though but i'll save them for later.

1. Extra Statistics

Stats keeping track off:

*Heaviest fish caught

*Bear close encounters

*Times slept in a vehicle

*Liters/Gallons Water consumed

*Liters/Gallons Soda drunk

*Kg's/Lbs Dry-food consumed

2. Extra items

Nothing that would seriously alter the game

*Portable Sundial compass

*Ski Mask

*Trapper Hat

*Mounted throphies (big fish, buck head, etc...)

Other suggestions

*Survival Mode -> Because i think i'm not the only one who thinks Stalker mode is too easy.

*Lone wolves should not awlays be agressive. Wolf packs have distinctive protective/agressive pack leader.

*Wolves (to be honest, they could go with a little more tought) have set territories per playthrough yet random for every other playthrough.

*Increased heat radius and decreased heat temperature when straight next to a heat source.

Example: [spoil]Fires burning for 10 hours reach +55°C ( and climbing, even outside and in a storm, tested), when standing next to the source it feels like ++55°C (+65°C with my current clothing) and ~150 Cm further it was freezing again.

In real life (if i may compare) even in sub zero temperatures a 55°C heat source can be felt for much further than up to 150 Cm, but it won't be feeling like 55°C, it would steadely decline in temperature the further away you go from the source.[/spoil]

*Tree carving, a great way to make long lasting waypoints.

That's about it, for now.

Leaving your thoughts would be much appreciated, thanks!

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