Raw Guts as Fishing Bait


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So, right now I enjoy how ice fishing works. You make homemade lines and lures, bash open a hole in the ice and jig for fish. Simple, fun, works well.

What I would like to see added is the ability to bait your line with raw gut. Whenever I ice fish at home I always bait my lines with worms or minnows or something that smells to attract the fish. It would be a simple addition that would increase the realism of the game. The payoff for baiting would be weighting your odds in your favour of getting a nice fish.

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I have thought about this for a bit. As pictured your fishing lure is a bare hook on a line. That's not going to catch anything.

I'd love to have to use a 'morsel of food'. Player chooses a food item in his inventory and it looses 5-10 calories, then you can fish.

Additionally/alternatively, have fishing tackle require 1 hook 1 line 1 feather. Picture of fishing tackle then has something black and vaguely insect-shaped on it, not a fancy tied fly or anything, but just something that looks vaugley like a small fish or insect.

Like this just black.


Not like anyone has a shortage of feathers.

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