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Its nearly impossible to run out of birch sapplings, there are so many in the world... I have around 150-200 Arrowshafts after I visited over 83% of the maps. (And until now I did not even run out of gun-ammo, still around 50 shots left...) So just keep looking and visit new Places. Timberwolf and Pleasant Valley are great if you search for saplings.

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Well, i have a bit less shafts and saplings(35 shafts and 28 saplings), and 10 arrows in rotation at the moment(plus 9 arrowheads), but i do have 98 rifle rounds(28 shots fired if game is tracking those right). But im pretty much done with the game, in currently in Desolation Point and i have looted about 1/3 of the map and its the last map.

While its sufficient to live for a long long long time(im at day 98), survival games are supposed to be about options, and on that part LD kinda suck. Be it ridiculous artificially forced on need for a forge to make arrowheads or ability to make only certain clothing pieces out of certain types of hides, all the way to complete inability to craft items of stuff and junk that player can find everywhere. Watch any survival videos, ppl are making amazing stuff out of sticks and stones or simple junk they can get from a trash can, but in LD you can make arrow shafts ONLY out of certain saplings, wtf. Player is pickly like a friggin Paris Hilton, in terms of both what materials hes willing to use in crafting and weight limit. Only that overgrown rat called chihuahua is missing for a complete picture, but it probably just froze to death be4 game started.

Such approach has 2 major drawbacks. First, it sets limits to player, limits that do not feel natural at all. And second, it makes game not about survival experience, eg living off the wild, but purely about scavenging.

So, once im done with Desolation Point, il just delete save and probably put game aside for a few months, since scavenging is the only thing to do in freeroam mode and once you looted everything all that is left is just sleeping and im not some achievement ho to be interested in it. Sure, i think i could get to 500+ days without a problem, but whats the point ? Game could use a lot more interactivity and i hope well get it in the future.

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