Rudolph Photo Challenge


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It is possible to shoot animals with the new Distress Pistol (aka flare gun) and there is even a stat to track how many animals you have shot in this way. When an animal is properly hit with the flare shell, the shell sticks to the animal which then runs around with a brightly glowing flare attached to it. That is, until it dies, if it wasn't killed instantly. Or sometimes the flare burns out before the animal completes its bleeding timer. But I digress.

Challenge is to see who among us has the skill, patience, artistry, and dumb luck to successfully plant one of these new toys directly onto the point of a deer's nose, granting him a rather short-lived existence in an antlered Rudolph costume. Then snap your best screenshot and post here for judging. No deadline. I am actually just hoping that this is even possible. Never done it, myself. Definitely won't be easy.

For those you may not know, Rudolph is the legendary 9th reindeer of Santa's sleigh team. He was different, having a red glowing nose, and life was hard for him until one foggy Christmas Eve when his difference made all the difference 8-)

I guess maybe bonus points if you can do this while it is foggy?

Or in the company of other deer?

On a rooftop? Good luck with that.


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