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Hi all,

I was having issues with either losing an entire save slot or losing days on a save slot for awhile. I changed the power settings on the Xbox and modified some of my behaviors and haven't lost a save slot or lost any days since.

I changed the Xbox power setting from Instant-On to Power Saver or whatever it's called. It's a little less convenient, but for me it seems to help. As for my behavior, when I'm done playing, I save the game, and quit to the title screen. I've been able to switch to other apps, such as the TV, NHL Gamecenter, and Amazon Instant Video, then return to TLD without having issues. I have not tried switching to another game, however.

Previously I'd experimented with leaving Instant-On on and quitting to the title screen, then using the Xbox interface to quit the entire game out. That still resulted in losing days or the entire save. With instant-on turned on I'd also tried never quitting out of the game which did seem to work for awhile, but eventually the game would get a little crazy and odd behavior was noticed. When the Xbox finally did power off, I'd usually lose days or a save.

So, I'd recommend at least trying the Power Saver setting and making sure you quit to the title screen. Is it less convenient? Sure. Should you have to modify the Xbox settings for a game? Probably not. But, I'm a lot happier since I did. I've currently got a 130+ game day run which survived .298->.301->.302, another 130+ day run from .302 only, and a third 50+ day run in progress.

Depending on the cause of the save game problems, your mileage(kilometerage?) may vary. You may have to tweak things if you observe another problem. Some things that may be factors are: Network connection stability, heat issues, time between Xbox reboots, available disk space, and signing out/in while a game is in progress. These are all guesses as I've no idea what the problem is.

Hopefully, this helps someone else. I know it's frustrating to lose a save slot or a bunch of days, but give it a try. The worst case is that it doesn't help at at all. But, if you keep doing the same thing you're probably going to get the same results. If you do find a different combination of settings and habits that appear to work for you, post them as well. It may help someone else and may help Hinterland get a better idea of the conditions that cause the problem.

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  • Hinterland

Bobfrid -- thanks for taking the time to describe the various behaviours you've tried. This all helps us in pinning down what is causing the issues with saves on the Xbox.

Greenfoot_away -- we're certainly not dodging any responsibility for this. We've managed to solve some issues related to saves on Xbox, but obviously some persist. We continue to work on the problem.

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Raphael - Is there anything we can be doing to help you guys get to the bottom of this?

Can we mail you a copy of our save files (I'm not even sure if that's possible)? Or if I give you my gamertag are you able to see it in the cloud. I definitely have a cloud save as it downloads it if I delete the local copy, but I don't know if it contains anything?

I've not played since my 200+ day save disappeared in December, out of hope that it's still recoverable. If it's really just gone for good though, then at least knowing that would be something. I could then see if I can muster up the bravery to bite my lip and start all over again. :(

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