Craftable Improvised Sled


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I have wished MANY times for a slab of Plywood, and some rope.

Let me stack the Hides, Guts, Meat, and wood on a sled and drag that sucker around.

It might change which path you can take because certain walking routes become impassable with the sled. But if you were in danger, and need to move quickly, you simply LET GO and run to shelter. The sled will be there later.

It should allow large amounts of weight to be transported at once.

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Nice idea but unless you have some distance to travel over flat terrain I can see the physics of one being challenging to both the character and the devs.

Downhill gradients you would have to struggle to contain runaways, uphill you would expend a great deal of energy digging your legs in to prevent them.

As for escaping danger, if it was wildlife and not a Blizzard wouldn't they just strip the sled bare of contents unless you'd been lumberjacking?

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Yes, it would be for flat terrain long hauls. I got the idea when having to haul several trips worth at the slowest pace imaginable on flat land. It took me hours of my life to move a very small amount of material. I'm not a huge guy, but I know I can carry more than 30 lbs before I get exhausted. I like the game mechanics, but want to be able to do large material moves simply.

The hills could be avoided by simply preventing the player from moving over the areas, and accompany with the character saying " This sled won't go here" or something.

Otherwise, I think a runaway sled mechanic would be fun. I don't think it would be worth the time to implement that into the game though, considering all the other possible upgrades.

The sled would almost need an inventory window with a capacity, as opposed to dropping items ON it.

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