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  1. This is true. In game, when you expend a lot of energy, you DO consume more calories. I feel like I should clarify my original intent. I was thinking of two ways to implement this. 1. Passive bonus that happens over time. Long periods of time. AND / OR 2. An activity for the character to DO. #1 is very do-able. #2 is do-able, but questionable. I don't have answers for how to make #2 perfect. I just am putting it out there for other people to toss around. #1, however is easy. Miles are already tracked. If you add condition of Walking with 1.5x capacity or greater for [stren
  2. I feel you JACKHAMMERMC, and I already enjoy that. I'm just on day 320 and I've done everything else I want to do, and wish my dude was beefier. It's hard to believe in my imagination that with all that trekking up and down mountains carrying 100lbs, there would be no benefit. I like how when I sharpen my knife, I get 1 skill point and after 5 there is a slight advantage in time, then after 10 there is a slight advantage in quality. In reality it only takes a few days to get 50 points even in that skill. I would want the endurance to take longer. Something very small like that, so th
  3. I'm a software developer and consultant, and I agree that there is only so much devs can do. This suggestion is just for the list. I wouldn't consider this to be anywhere near the top of the list, but I would include it to consider down the road.
  4. Apologies. Thanks Hotzn, I will do that.
  5. I feel like I need to remind everyone of Rocky IV. Using logs for weight training in Siberia. Do something enough, it becomes easier. It would be a bonus for players who make longer runs. good counter-points though.
  6. Yes, it would be for flat terrain long hauls. I got the idea when having to haul several trips worth at the slowest pace imaginable on flat land. It took me hours of my life to move a very small amount of material. I'm not a huge guy, but I know I can carry more than 30 lbs before I get exhausted. I like the game mechanics, but want to be able to do large material moves simply. The hills could be avoided by simply preventing the player from moving over the areas, and accompany with the character saying " This sled won't go here" or something. Otherwise, I think a runaway sled mechanic wou
  7. It's a good point, but there really isn't that much waste on a rabbit. You are already harvesting the guts and fur, so there's eyes, teeth, and a few other organs. Heart & Lungs, liver and kidney, you'd eat if you were in survival mode. The rest you could toss in the fire. Otherwise, I'd think it would cross over the realism threshold the game already employs. The carcasses disappear when you turn your back on them and walk away a few feet, while human corpses remain getting eaten by crows for years. I'm not thinking the remains is a huge detail that needs dealt with as far as realis
  8. I'm coming up on 310 days now, and I'm wondering if the plants are going to grow back once a year.
  9. Yes. A key toggle HUD would suit me.
  10. Exercise could be an activity that takes a certain amount of time / calories as well. There could be other health benefits like increasing the player's SPRINT STAMINA from running the entire bar off at once, and doing that several times a day.
  11. I know this has been brought up, and feel free to close this thread, or link it to the correct one. I can't find it and I want to get this point out. Please let me pick up the 3lb rabbit and stuff it into a sack that I might clean it at my cabin. Having to sit in freezing temps to skin and gut a rabbit for 3lb of meat is silly. I should be able to stuff 4-5 rabbits in a sack and walk off with them. Carrying Rabbits in a sack à la Farmer McGreggor
  12. This has been running through my mind. If I carry more weight than is allowable, it makes sense to slow down, suffer extreme fatigue and tire. However, if this is done regularly, it would make sense that the character would eventually build strength to support larger amounts of weight. The modifier can go up slightly. for example, if player carries 30lbs over the unencumbered weight for X distance n times in week, Then new threshold for weight is raised slightly. Something like that. I have put no effort into thinking of the actual numbers.
  13. I have wished MANY times for a slab of Plywood, and some rope. Let me stack the Hides, Guts, Meat, and wood on a sled and drag that sucker around. It might change which path you can take because certain walking routes become impassable with the sled. But if you were in danger, and need to move quickly, you simply LET GO and run to shelter. The sled will be there later. It should allow large amounts of weight to be transported at once.
  14. I really wish you could access the status while moving. I just hold down the walk key, and hit tab with my pinky. Take a quick peek at the temperature, and fatigue. I don't believe it helps any to force the player to stop walking to determine if the weather is cold. Looking in the inventory? You should have to stop.