Rose Hip Tea not listed in Prepare Food Menu


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I had sprained both my ankle and wrist and I was in a bad position, walking back at night to the camp, overloaded, tired, freezing. I was pretty much expecting to die. I said F... it, lets make a fire to warm you up and brew some rose hip tea to heal the injuries. I had plenty of Rose Hip has I had harvested every single bush I had come across. Well, things did no go according to plan, since I had no available option to brew the Rose Hip, in fact, I had a big None in the cooking tab, I could only melt and boil water. So that was that. I decided to chance it and walk through the woods till I got in the comfort of the Camp and healed myself with the painkillers.

Version is PC Alpha 0.302

Make rose hip tea once and then try again with a second camp fire, preferrably at night, cold and about to die when its the only thing that will save you since you since you need to use your rifle because you are too weak to fight a wolf and you don't want to lose your game and your precious loot.

It has happened twice to me so far. Although I have plenty of rose hip, the option to brew it is simply not there.

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Not sure if it helps here, but 25 individual rose hips and 0.25L of clean water are required to be able to brew the rose hip tea. Displays as "rose hip" on cooking tab to differentiate it from "rose hip tea" you have already brewed and just want to warm up. Hope it works out.

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