Pandemic Legacy - Make it your Board Game of Choice for 2016

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So, I'm sure most people have heard about Pandemic Legacy by now. If not, you're missing out! My friend and I went in 50/50 on a copy and we have not been disappointed! I have not been this excited about sticker sheets since kindergarten! :lol:

The game is still Pandemic. If you've never played Pandemic, it's a co-operative board game where you and your friends, as members of the CDC, try to contain four diseases that are rampaging around the world. The game is tense and, at the best of times, features tough choices and usually comes down to the very last turn to determine whether you beat back the disease... or have the world descend into plague induced anarchy! It's tense and a lot of fun to play with your friends versus a game that does not pull its punches!

What makes Legacy unique though is that your choices, successes and, yes, failures persist and carry on from round to round. The game begins in January and, not spoiling anything, as you play you draw from a Legacy deck that gives you updates on the state of the world and tells you what you need to do to win. Needless to say, things go wrong, fast! My friend and I, veteran Pandemic gamers, got wiped the very first time we played! You have two chances to succeed at each month's objectives and so begins the year from hell for the CDC and WHO.

If you have at least one close friend and are only going to play one board game in 2016 make it Pandemic Legacy. Can you and your friends save the planet? Play and find out! :D

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