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Random Fires

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It has been a good deal of time since I played this game. One thing I've noticed that I've possibly missed in the change logs, saplings. Maple and birch. I've actually haven't found maple yet which is unnerving, but the amounts are kinda scary.

In the past, the player would often find 3 in a group, generally in specific spawn points. I can only seem to find one lone sapling, and birch at that...

Each map does still hold both maple and birch saplings yes? Did the counts get moved down?

On an unrelated note, after shoveling the sidewalks, I realized for a game set in the land of ice and snow, shovels are non existent.

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The birch saplings seem to spawn as singles fairly commonly on all maps but most commonly on Mystery Lake. Maples are usually singles but I have seen 2 right next to one another. Sometimes maples don't seem to spawn at all. My first run on Desolation Point there were no maple saplings at all.

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