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  1. As an unrelated side note...the corpses nearby the tail section do not seem to spawn crow feathers. The group of crows appear above the corpses as usual but feathers never appear.
  2. I managed to duplicate this bug on the same container, isolating the crate that triggers the doors breaking. The crate responsible is wedged between the container shown in the first screenshot and the one behind it, shown in the second shot. It is one of the larger crates that takes 1.5 hr to break down by hand. ... =608306757 ... =608306780 Oddly the doors remain during the current playthrough in the position show in the first shot. You can cut them open, loot them, even continue to use them as a container. However once you reload the game or restart it they vanish completely as shown in the next shot. ... =608234130 One very odd thing I noticed during this test game was a small container and a hacksaw that appeared under the bent metal sheeting that was not there before the crates were broken down.
  3. After looting and consolidating all the containers in the tail section on TWM Summit, I proceeded to break down all the boxes and crates. One container in particular (The one I used to store the majority of loot...) had a crate that was touching it, once the crate was broken down the doors vanished and along with them all the loot. Needless to say I deleted the save after loosing such a huge chunk of supplies.
  4. This happened to me just down the stairs from the entrance to the lower level in Carter Hydro Dam. Soon as I crossed into the first room from the short hallway.
  5. I would disagree with this completely...Don't Starve is a perfect example. There are no achievements at all in that game and it is incredibly popular. I would go so far as to say its popularity is in large part due to the extensive slider system included. (Which can make the game much much harder than the standard experience!) Workshop doesn't hurt either... Personally I think its a mistake for the developers to dismiss this feature.
  6. I would agree that sliders during the current development phase would muddy the waters as far as feedback goes. However I also agree that a slider system would make the game much more popular in the long run. Don't Starve has an extensive slider system and its that feature alone that will keep it on my HD for years.
  7. I would rather the devs implement actual skill based mechanics to help with survival vs a flat increase to RNG percentages.
  8. Killjoy

    Craftable Hat

    +1 A crafted hat would round out the Grizzly Adams look.
  9. The birch saplings seem to spawn as singles fairly commonly on all maps but most commonly on Mystery Lake. Maples are usually singles but I have seen 2 right next to one another. Sometimes maples don't seem to spawn at all. My first run on Desolation Point there were no maple saplings at all.
  10. A week or two ago there was a thread requesting more or less the same mechanic wise. The request was to add a full sized axe which would speed up harvesting of wood/furniture.
  11. If you make a save that has this bug present it is possible to quit the game then reload the save & the bugged items are harvestable again. I did this on Mystery Lake inside the Forestry Lookout, and again inside one of the cabins by the Office. First was some furniture, second was the wood just outside the closest cabins. *Ohh and again on Coastal Highway with the furniture & wood by the Lookout there.*
  12. You can sort by weight right now, there are three icons at the top left of the inventory menu (when you press "i") its the third one. (far right looks like a trapazoid with a ring at the top) Water is always the first thing I check. It is one of if not the heaviest item you can carry around and has a way of adding up. I never carry more than a couple liters. Clothing also adds up fast especially jackets and footwear. And you should never carry firewood/sticks with you.
  13. This quote from the opening screen says it all... "On a long enough time line, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero." - Chuck Palahniuk
  14. You can already do that. Go into inventory and equip a new torch; the old one will drop to the ground; look at it and left click mouse button to light your new torch. Sweet, thanks for this tip, I never would have guessed/figured that out on my own.
  15. You can easily craft a small camp stove to boil water or even cook small meals out of a tin can from baked beans. (16oz tin can) You can also make them out of old metal coffee cans. I have used a homemade rocket stove made from an old coffee can and a few large baked bean cans for years.