Sandbox Alpha Updated to v.103! (Changelist)

Raphael van Lierop

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The Long Dark -- Sandbox Alpha v.103 Changelist

September 5th, 2014

NOTE: Please remember that The Long Dark Sandbox Alpha is in a constant state of flux as we continue to fix bugs and tune the game. Gameplay features or tuning values are often experimental, and may be modified or even removed between updates.

Found some bugs? Please report them in the Hinterland Community forums at:


  • Our programming wizards have optimized load times. Most loading transitions, after the initial load, should now only take a few seconds (system dependent).
  • Player outdoor walking and running speeds have been increased.

Art & Animation

  • Fixed geometry clipping issues when kneeling with the Rifle.
  • Wolf feeding animation alignment improved.


  • Updated to the latest version of Wwise (audio engine). This removes the requirement to install the DirectX Runtime. Many audio bugs introduced by the update have been fixed, but we might have missed some.

Gameplay & Tuning
  • Lighting a Flare or Lantern now requires you *hold* LMB (vs. clicking). This should hopefully address issues with people accidently starting flares or turning lanterns off.
  • The Rifle can now only be fired when in Aim mode (RMB).
  • Dehydration, Freezing, Starvation, and Fatigue have all been tuned to be *slightly* more forgiving.
  • Calories can now go into the negative, up to a threshold.
  • A Wolf Attack now results in Blood Loss and Infection Risk (vs. immediate Infection, as before). Infection Risk is reduced by applying Antiseptic. Wounds can become Infected up to 24 hours after they have been inflicted.
  • Increased frequency of Antiseptic spawning in containers.
  • Some wildlife spawns are now more random.
  • Fixed some harvesting exploits.
  • Fixed bug where gear left on the ground would decay at an accelerated pace.
  • Fixed issue with lantern fuel being burned by unlit lanterns across a save/load.
  • Added a motion blur effect to accentuate very low Condition.
  • When harvesting the Rifle or Lantern, the ammunition or Fuel will be returned to your Inventory. In the case of the Lantern, you need a Jerry Can in Inventory and you can only salvage fuel until it is full.
  • Increased Fuel produced from Foraging to 2 units/hr (from 1 unit/hr)
  • Radius of protection from wildlife provided by Campfires is now 10m (was 5m).
  • Can Opener can now be harvested.

Menus, HUD, UI

  • HUD messages will now be queued.
  • Added HUD options to the Display settings. You can now select between Normal, Debug, and Disabled. Debug includes coordinates and is useful for bug hunting. Disabled is useful for screenshots and trailer footage. NOTE: Important gameplay information is communicated through the HUD and we recommend you play using the Normal HUD setting.


  • Wildlife feeding behaviour is more persistent between saves and loads now.
  • Default FOV has now been set to 80 degrees. This can be modified in the Display options.


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