Strange animal behavior/bugs (v.301)


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Up in TWM, and I ran into a situation where I had a campfire between me and a bear, and a wolf appeared behind me, on approach. He broke into a run and I fired at him with my rifle, and then he proceeded to speed on past me, through the fire, and through the bear, and then was gone from sight.

I suspect he may have been spooked by the bear and made a retreat, but this retreat went towards the bear and through a fire.

Moments later, in testing how far you can move to the side of a fire before a bear attacks you (hint: it's a slimmer margin than you might think), the bear attacked me by running to just to the side of the fire and mauling me. When I woke up, the bear was "retreating" away from the scene, except he was retreating in the direction my body was laying. So he ended up pushing me away from the fire, and of course, after he pushed me just a little ways, he became aware of a traveler right at his feet (paws?) and proceeded to maul me again.

I'm guessing he was walking away from the fire, but unfortunately, he pushed me along with him and I ended up getting double mauled and dead. :lol:

You can watch this craziness happen here:

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