Pack Behavior?


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Wolves do not form packs but they do interact with each other. Occasionally a wolf will howl, then all the wolves who heard his call will howl back. Ominous.

Also, when a wolf barks in pursuit of a prey animal (deer, rabbit) other wolves who hear this will join the chase. But the winner is the one that catches up to the prey first. That one eats, all the others disperse back to where they came from.

And you cannot be attacked by two wolves at once. One will patiently wait for the other to finish trying to kill you before trying itself.

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Maybe mechanics have been changed, but I was attacked by two wolves simultaneously on the bridge by the dam. This was when the right click wolf fighting mechanics were still in place. I was taking aim at one wolf charging me while I was on the bridge and one from behind attacked me. I died very quickly.

I consider the wolves on the lake in Mystery Lake a pack. One of my deaths resulted from having 4 of them come at me at once. I shot two dead with arrows, a third ran away with an arrow in its hide and the forth got me but I fought it off with a knife. I bled out trying to get back to the camp office. I died trying to make a bandage from my sleeping bag.

The wolves at the far end of the orchard could be considered a pack as well as the wolves in the hay field in pleasant valley. The wolves around the Quonset gas station could be considered a pack also as well as the three or four wolves that roam the Unnamed pond in ML. The wolves by the Derailment, the wolves by the radio tower, anywhere there are 2 or more wolves that can aggro you at the same time could be considered a pack.

I've seen others talk about the wolves waiting their turn to attack, but I don't think that is always the case or always was.

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