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Die Anzahl der gefundenen Orte stimmt nicht mit der in der Statistik angezeigten Anzahl überein.

Die Diskrepanz zwischen Anzahl der am Screen angezeigten "neuen Orte" und der geloggten, kommt dadurch zu Stande, daß auf fast allen Karten Gebäude sind, die nicht ordnungsgemäß geloggt werden. Da ich am Rätselsee mit einem neuen Spiel startete und mich über alle Karten arbeitete (im Moment Wolfsberg) bemerkte ich die Diskrepanz schon am Rätselsee, konnte sie aber erst im Idyllischen Tal reproduzierbar nachweisen. Für die anderen Karten müsste ich neu beginnen. Wolfsberg bin ich noch dabei.

Die im Idyllischen Tal betroffenen 4 Gebäude sind :

Haus an der Kreuzung 2406,55,2443

Haus an der Kreuzung 2469,56,2432

Haus an der Kreuzung 2445,56,2237

Hütte des Fahnenflüchtigen 944,39,1670

Bei diesen Gebäuden wird zwar die Meldung angezeigt "Neuen Ort gefunden", aber der Zähler in der Statistik wird nicht erhöht.

I've been asked by TheBugfixer to translate his text into English, so here it it. Not a perfect translation for sure, but hopefully understandable.^^

The number of places found doesn't fit the number from the statistics page. The mismatch between the number of (fade-in) place names on the screen and and the journal-logged ones appears as almost all maps contain buildings that aren't logged correctly. As I started a new game in Mystery lake and worked my way through all the other maps (atm TWM), I already noticed the discrepancy in ML, but could only prove it in a reproducible way in Pleasant Valley. For the other maps I would have to start anew. Currently working on TWM.

The four buildings where this bug occurs in PV are:

- Crossroads house 2406,55,2443

- Crossroads house 2469,56,2432

- Crossroads house 2445,56,2237

- Draft Dodger's Cabin 944,39,1670

When approaching these houses the message "new place found" fades in, but the statistics counter doesn't rise.

What I personally would like to add to TheBugfixer's observations is the question whether it's intended that several fade-in area names (The Ravine, Winding River, Pleasant Valley, etc.) don't count as new discoveries whereas on the other hand a whole lot of places so to say count twice - once from the outside (e.g. "trapper's homestead") and then again from the inside (e.g "trapper's cabin").

I found that occasional double-counting a bit confusing to be honest, especially because not ALL houses with interiors work that way but only about 1/3 of them. It's also REALLY unfortunate that many different places are logged in the Journal under the very same name (e.g. "Coastal house" or "cave"). Would be easier to distinguish them if they had individual names or at least numbers.

And it would be great to know if it's atm impossible to discover 100% of all maps because of these Journal entry bugs. ;)

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