Wolves smelling blood loss or infection


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For me what makes this game appealing is an increased level of realism. In real life how many wolves would be around? There are wolf packs, and they would join in on the kill, but I wouldn't think any bears would be drawn in. I like the point for food and open wounds when calculating whether an animal will attack though. Having food or an open wound should make attacks more likely.

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Wolf pack this, wolf pack that.

Wolves leave in packs, its like community thing, but they only hunt in packs when they are after large enough prey or there is any other need for a larger number of them present in any location aside of den.

But depending on amount of game, season, or even proximity to den, then wolves mainly hunt alone.

And if were talking realism, then wolves do NOT hunt humans, as it is stated in the first disclaimer during game loading. Or the fact that wolves mainly hunt during dusk hours. Or the fact that under normal conditions human is highly unlikely to survive even lone wolf attack(latest changes in game made hunting wolves with knife to be an extremely easy source of meat and hides, in comparison to what it was in earlier builds, when meeting even one wolf, even at full condition, meant trouble with good chance of death), and 0, if its a pack.

Wolves are smart animals and no matter of how high opinion humans may be of themselves, in the wild, in 9 out of 10 cases, human wont even see it coming.

Instead of this crap about wolf packs, devs should just bump wolf difficulty back to earlier levels and add alternative ways to hunt them. Because right now wolves are probably the easiest source of meat that doesnt require any additional preparations to hunt.

Right now i get like 5 times more wolf hides(and they are also main source of meat for me) than deer hides, because deer you must either hunt of steal from wolves. While wolves actually come to player themselfs and easily fought off with knife and then bleed to death in 100% of cases. Im on .301 and 72 days, im yet to see a single wolf recovering. Sometimes it may be a pain to track them(because of their crazy movement patterns), but they always die. Only time i use bow(saving up rifle ammo for bears) to kill charging wolf is when im below 40% condition. And i suck with bow - just let him charge me and then put an arrow into his head at point blank range.

And on the subject, scent of blood is not that strong and if wolf cant smell a prey, then hes not likely to smell blood either. Smell of blood plays role when animal is alredy on track, it tells wolf that prey is wounded and will be an easy(er) kill. Btw, bears have keener sense of smell than wolves.

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