Variable AI detection radius


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When playing I have the feeling that the distance from which animals can detect me is independent from what I'm doing: it makes no difference whether I'm running or standing still, that yummy deer will run away once we reach some fixed relative distance.

This ruins the immersion a little for me.

I would love to be able to ambush deers, e.g. stand still for a long time and let them come closer.

The same would be true for predators: it would be a bad idea to noisily run when there's a bear in the area.

So my idea is this: AI detection radius could be bound to the player movement.

This radius would get shorter as the player is:

- running

- walking

- standing still

- crouching

And on the same matter... Does it make any difference to be upwind or downwind, so that animals can smell me or not?

If not implemented, that could also be a nice addition.

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