Campfires Burnout When Left Alone Regardless of Fuel


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This is a major issue in terms of both campfires and stoves the fuel time on the fire seems to reset to 0 ANY TIME the user performs an action on an object nearby.

For example Campfire with 4 hours + of wood burned out when i skinned a nearby wolf 1 hour 45 minutes.

Same issue campfire with 3 hours of fuel rested in a bedroll for 2 hours fire burned out and i was dying of frostbite

This simply cannot be allowed to happen as it is detrimental to game-play Fires should remain burning on an ABSOLUTE TIMER and not have their fuel times arbitrarily reset when the user performs another action

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I have a reproducible issue where the fuel time remaining shows 9 or 8 minutes. I add a Fir log and it does not increase, I then add another Fir log and it did not increase, I added a Reclaim wood and still the burn time did not increase, all on the same campfire. I made another campfire very near to the first one inside the same shack barn small space, and was able to start and get 1 hour 30 mins, but after it neared 10 minutes, I added a Reclaim wood, and it did not increase burn time. This location might have a permanent wind bug or something similar ?

Pleasant Valley



(1947.2, 46.4, 1253.6)


Location Debug screenshots attached:



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RE: the wind and outside fires -- they will only be safe from the wind if the "wind shield" icon shows in the lower left,and can go out no matter how much additional fuel is added. This includes areas like derelict houses that have partial exposure -- the wind can change direction almost instantly and put the fire out. Stoves, fire barrels and indoor fireplaces are immune to wind, as are most caves that are full caves, but most all other areas that offer partial shelter can be hit by a gale that will extinguish a fire very fast.

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