Flint Arrowheads or Ability to Craft Your Own Forge


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Generally speaking i haven't had a chance to deal with metal working yet but reading the guides on the subject makes me cringe.

i find the need to travel to a forge with scrap metal in order to make arrowheads a insult to my intelligence and that of anyone who has ever had basic survival training. Primitive tribes were making arrowheads by hitting two pieces of flint together since the stone ages

additionally relying on a piece of equipment in a specific location that cannot be moved or crafted is generally speaking a horrible immersion breaker for a survival game.

This all boils down to the issue of the game lacking base building mechanics. the player can only rely on the resources available in the building he or she decides to shelter in. while this may fit one specific playstyle there are many individuals who prefer to settle and build up a semipermanent residence. currently this game is so lacking in crafting content that we cant even make a little shelter out of branches and cured hides (Think of the kind of fur huts you see in nomadic cultures.)

when the need does arise for metal working generally speaking a forge is not that hard to make and in fact its more about the fuel and air flow than the forge it's self which can simply be made by stacking fieldstone's to contain the heat of the charcoal into a small location . a primitive bellow can be made by sowing two hides together and giving it handles to make it easy to pump.

again a fundamental flaw with a lot of survival games is the fact that humans are very intelligent and in order to be truly realistic the game must anticipate everything the human mind can come up with and implement a mechanism to allow them to perform that survival task. sadly this is impossible to do but there are alot of common sense things that can be easily added to a similar effect

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Flint knapping to make a useful arrowhead is something that takes a fair amount of skill. (of course so does curing hides and turning them into cloths) so I don't think that's the answer.

However, making a sharpened triangle of metal shouldn't require a forge. A metal file should be all it takes.

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