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I have been having an issue on XBOX One with the spawns of my character and items in the game. I just played 6 new game sessions, and each time I just quit out because my character could not find a hatchet throughout the entire first area. I understand if I have to get lucky to find a gun, but people in the tundra would leave axes and hatchets lying around ready to make firewood. Why do I have to continually face hypothermia and starvation within the first hour of a new game because a bunch of cottages in the Canadian tundra are hatchet-less? It doesn't make sense. 5 out of 6 of those restarts were on Voyageur difficulty, but the last was on Pilgrim! Make the guns scarce, make the hunting knives scarce, but hatchets? Surviving is hard. I get it. But being completely without a very important tool even when spawning in a heavily civilized section of the game is maddening. This really is ruining the game for me. I watch players on YouTube play on Stalker difficulty with no worries of finding tools. Is this an XBOX only issue, or just an annoying move to artificially create difficulty and stress in the game. Do you really expect me to restart a million times just so I can get that one play through that spawns things favorably? Even on lesser difficulties? Can you tell I am rage quitting a lot?

By the way, I made it to Coastal Highway on my first try at this game only to be ambushed by 2 wolves to the sound of a jamming gun I just cleaned before trekking as I entered the zone. Thanks for that, too. Don't hamper me with nonsense to instill your version of "realism" and "survival". No one likes to fail because of BS on easy and normal mode.

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