Why do you not freeze faster when naked?


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An ice cube is an ice cube at 1 below and 40 below.

Which is great when you talk about water in the solid form. But all water in the human body internally has to be in the liquid form so you argument makes no sense at all.

Should not the absence of R-value providing materials contribute to the more rapid decline of condition due to exposure?

It occurs at the same rate naked as it does with full gear that puts you at "feeling" 31F instead of 32F. If the weather is -50 windchill you experience condition loss at the same rate. Should that not be so?

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Once you are freezing to death, you will continue to freeze to death until you are dead or no longer freezing. There would be no benefit to increasing the temperature from -40 to -20.


It does seem a bit odd though that you can be freezing to death, yet still take off your clothes and attack a wolf. but, that's what makes games fun lol.

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