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I usually play in Voyager, as I think that is the most enjoyable experience. However, I cannot (CANNOT) make it past a few days. This is always, and I mean always, due to a wolf or bear attack. I try and I try and I try, but no luck. Eventually I will get miffed enough to lower the difficulty. That never lasts, though. The lowest setting nerfs everything to the nth degree. I can stand outside in a blizzard and never get cold; I end up with so much food that I start playing with it as decorations; and is it just me, or do your thirst and hunger bars even matter in Pilgrim? It's like I can drink a can of soda and survive a week.

I was thinking about it the other day and I began to wonder if it would be easier if I had access to the settings in the difficulty settings. You know, control over the hunger/thirst meters, control of the animal aggressiveness, control of the exposure mechanic. If I had sliders or something, that would be wonderful. I would love to lower the animal aggression to zero but still have the challenge of the hardest settings for exposure and nutrition. A tailor made experience.

Or just wait for the balance to get tweaked. Sometimes I forget this is just Alpha. It really does feel like a full game already. I am so glad to know Hinterlands is still developing this awesome game.

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The developers have stated that difficulty levels will remain general, there will be no sliders for us to adjust different elements of difficulty.

But to remedy your situation: Wolves really aren't that dangerous. If you have raw meat on you, just press "3" and walk away from the wolf. You will have dropped some food and the wolf will eat it, leaving you alone for the moment. You can also create a fire (even a camp fire!) between your location to keep the wolf at bay. Flares and torches are more realistic though. Of course you can also shoot the wolf, but I would wait until it is pretty close, as the aim is pretty poor on the hunting rifle.

If you die from bear attacks, this is entirely your fault, as bears only attack if you get to close and it is easy to avoid them...

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