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  1. Hello Hinterlanders. I just saw the official trailer and I had a few thoughts. - I, first, love the new, more detailed Story Mode environments. I really hope to see a lot of the story told in and with them. Yay! - I, at first, felt like the new trailer was a little disjointed; just showing off new environments, as the Sandbox updates did. However, the theme of time passing, consuming, and the movement between seasons really became clearer after the 45 second mark. I still think it starts a bit . . . I don't know. Disjointed, as I said. Clip-ish? Slideshow-y? Yeah, that last one. Very
  2. Construct three separate Dungeons and Dragons characters; construct a 20 hr campaign; build little figurines made of wood, fur, and "glue"; play D&D with Rocky (the rabbit-fur squirrel) and Vlad (the meat-byproduct moose). Receive one perfect moment of clarity. You have descended to the lowest annual of madness. Argue with Vlad about what constitutes a neutral evil vs. neutral chaotic alignment. Roll your eyes every time Rocky tries to "seduce" a female NPC.
  3. 1 Gather the weight and calorie count of every scrap of food, compare, arrange in a list from lightest and most calorie rich to heaviest and least calorie rich. Write it all down. Post it to the Hinterland forums. 2 Take everything out of your pack. Load it with ONLY the essentials. Stash these essential in a box. Load your pack with another load of essentials. Rinse, repeat, until you no longer have food or matches. Pack everything back up in your pack and stare out the window for the next 9 hrs. 3 Learn to play your armpit.
  4. Okay, this is no lie, I just thought it worthy of reporting. I made it to the basement for the first time, the game auto-failed me, with the Affliction Major Bruising popping up before my game restarted. I restarted the challenge, made it to the basement and everything was fine this second time. Sorry for the multi-posts.
  5. So, I found it! Yay! You are all so awesome for the help. Thank you, again! One thing tho . . . I used the bandaged, turned right headed toward the cellar, thinking "There it is! I'm safe. I'm an idiot, but I'm safe!" AND THEN I WAS ATTACKED BY A WOLF. ONE STEP FROM THE DOOR. Please, tell me that is a bug.
  6. So the cellar was right there. All along. I feel like such a dupe. Thanks, everyone for the help. I didn't see it.
  7. Death to the Old Bear!

  8. I like this. I only know a few people who can truly wake up on time without an alarm clock. Now, an ACTUAL alarm clock might be cool, with batteries becoming a commodity. Or something. I don't know, but I do like this.
  9. Before reading this, please forgive my noob-ness. I have 200+ hrs in this game and still suck at it. The Old Bear challenge is SOOOO HARD! OMG! I have no idea where to go, or what to do! I don't have enough time to find a place to sleep so I don't die. I've died, like, a million times! Okay, that is hyperbole, but still, this crap is HARD. I have no idea what I'm doing and 10% health is not enough to survive this encounter. The real challenge? Die the 42nd time without weeping or throwing your controller. I do love the challenge, don't get me wrong, I just have no idea
  10. AGREED. I have no reason to carry flares at this point, simply because of weight limits. I am better off with decoy meat.
  11. I agree that they are thematically . . . problematic. An adrenaline shot can kill you as easily as it can help you. It's a very situation sensitive. Just want to add my two cents. Thanks!
  12. Mystery Lake, because of the Trapper's Cabin. I'm a trapper and that cabin is like my dream home. But, I wanted to echo what a lot of people have already said. The Ravine is beautiful and it made me feel more alone than any other part of the game.